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70 /100 1750 EL CAMINO REAL STE A
“This seems to be the first review of the new ManRock location. This one is right off the 101 near AJ Spurs. Hard to miss and fairly spacious. That said, first and foremost, the beer they make here is really, really bad. I’ll leave the rest of that to the beer reviews as aside from the horrible beer this place is really nice and has a ton of things going for it. The place has ample seating inside with high tops and a very large bar. TVs are in a number of locations and a large barrel area. They had at least 10+ house beers on tap and several other guest taps. (Order the guest taps!) The owner, Mike, was super friendly and went out of his way to get a flight of beers for me. Hand writing everything on the taster paddle and explaining everything. (Terms like, "we really didn’t know it would go in this direction" and "this one didn’t really turn out the way we wanted but is a great beer" were common place) The back area had tons more seating and there was a wood burning pizza oven with what looked to be nice pizzas coming out even though we didn’t have any. There was a number of games outside as well which makes me think this would be a fun spot to come with friends who like to have a chill night and drink horrible beer. Seriously, if they just get their act together and listen to some of the suggestions that other brewers have made and put out half descent beers this would be a place I would bring friends from out of town. Great location, right off the freeway. Just brew some nice beer.“
thome50 2836 days ago
54 /100 1750 EL CAMINO REAL STE A
“Not too far off the freeway, but I did end up parking in the wrong lot because it’s not exactly easy to find from the street. Small tasting room in a little strip mall. A handful of tables and a small bar, some barrels stacked the side of the room. They had six beers on tap including a few barrel aged beers. Seemed like everything is some sort of amber ale. They had an "imperial" amber ale that was the same ABV as their regular one...wat??? Service was friendly and quick, but god are the beers here bad. Couldn’t drink much of any of them. It’s worth a stop for a place tick and a few rakes, but that’s really just about it.“
brokensail 3274 days ago
74 /100
Pocket Book Grocery (Grocery Store)
294 N 4TH ST
“I was surprised to see this place added because I know it as a shithole of a convenience store but I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in. The new owners cleaned it up and added some a decent selection of beers. The selection mostly west coast beers with some Belgians mixed in. About 50% of their selection is in the cooler and the prices are slightly higher than the surrounding area but the selection is better so I guess that’s the trade off. This place would have probably moved to the top of the list for the local beer stops if it weren’t for the recently opened California Fresh Market around the corner.“
Thrillhouse35 3312 days ago
62 /100 1750 EL CAMINO REAL STE A
“Small place in Arroyo Grande. Friendly, neighborly, and relaxing. Service is hospitable, responsive, and friendly. Prices are decent for central coast Cali. Beers are just, ok.“
DocJitsu 3321 days ago
64 /100 1750 EL CAMINO REAL STE A
“Visited September 22, 2013.

Not an easy place to find since there are no lights in this strip mall and there is no sign visible from the street. And where did the Steelers fans come from? The tiny tasting room was full of them. It makes no sense that there would be so many of them in central California. Not surprisingly they were very bro’d out. Despite all that it was a good time. For die hard football fans they were pretty well behaved and the owners of the place were in on it. I just ignored it, watched a bit of the game, and tried some beers before realizing that it was late and I still had a long way to go. I tried 8 house beers, 4 of which were barrel treatments of an amber ale. I think the petite syrah barrel amber was the best of the 8 beers. I guess there really weren’t any major flaws with most of them other than the choice of ingredients. The banana wheat beer really has artifical banana flavor in it. Way over done. The Kolsch for some reason has coriander in it. I just wasn’t a fan of the beers, though I will give them credit for doing some research on the barrel aged beers. They’re pulling a little every couple months and asking customers what they think of them.“
t0rin0 3358 days ago
88 /100 1750 EL CAMINO REAL STE A
“Great local hang out, very nice staff, good beer.They are just starting out in the brewing scene so I’m curious to see what they can come up with once they hit their brew groove. Their own brews are ok and constantly improving with each batch, and they have some guest taps which are always good. What more could you want?“
viyh 3360 days ago
82 /100 1750 EL CAMINO REAL STE A
“Made it in here finally on a weekday evening a little before closing time. The guy working the bar (who I later found out was the owner) was very hospitable and eager to serve and talk about his beers. The place is really small with only about 15-20 seats inside and there are barrels racks amongst the seats making it feel more cramped . Due to size constraints they only have a 5 barrel system so they only had 4 of their own beers on, but had 4-5 guest taps which is something I like to see at a brewery. The beers were all average and nothing stood out. However, the hospitality and service will bring me back to see if they can make some improvements to the beer.“
Thrillhouse35 3422 days ago
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