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62 /100 730 MAIN ST
“This is a really cool spot in the middle of half moon bay that has been there two years. It was crowded on a Saturday, lively and fun. And zero ratings for the place or the beers on RB. That pretty much sums up the state of the site I guess. Oh well. The brewery is on main street with an obvious sign out front. Small outside seating area in front as well as a balcony with bar style seating. A converted house, I would assume. Large interior with tables a front and side bar. Single restroom off to the left must draw lines in really busy times. They have a super hard to read projection screen with the beers on tap, which are fortunately also on printed taplists. Perhaps 16 beers, of which 4 were their own and the rest were decently curated mostly CA guest beers. A rather eclectic bar menu as well. Flights of four available, with a lower price if you get all Sacrilege beers vs the full board. As I recall, the four house beers were $9, while the full choice was some crazy price like $13. I got the four house beers, which were served in Sierra Nevada branded glassware and flight board. We also ordered a couple of quite expensive appetizers. Beer quality was unfortunately pretty bad, "led" by a nearly undrinkable plum pale ale with overt vomit notes. Food was unremarkable as well. Conclusion: well located, nice space, but way overpriced and way under qualitied. At least with the guest taps you can find a good beer on the board.“
bytemesis 1165 days ago
62 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“It’s very much of a local bar and eatery. Folks come in, kiss a cheek and move on in. The sad thing is that there are very few taps, only 8 beers on the paper tap list. There’s a fridge, but most all are on the tap list, and these are the fairly common (in parts of NorCal) beers. I’m getting one tick and a bomber to go. Great service. It seems to be a great place - but not for excessive ticking.“
bhensonb 1309 days ago
86 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“When we arrived this Saturday, the entire harbor area was packed with cars and crowded with people. I think we found the last available parking, after a while. The brewpub was also crowded but there were available seating at the bar. The friendly bartender actually told me that it was not a particularly busy day since the weather wasn’t the best. I was glad the sun was not shining this day... 4 oz tasters cost $2. I tried five solid beers and bought a bottle "Alection" to go. (Visited July 16th 2016)“
Bryne 1810 days ago
68 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“The location alone is worth the visit, right off PCH1. Cute place, food is good and the beer is well made. Definitely want to go back someday.“
fluffy 1846 days ago
72 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“We dined in the beer garden when passing through in 2012 and it had a great beach atmosphere, good beer and excellent seafood meals. Definitely worth a visit if in the region.“
dmarsha4 1958 days ago
76 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“Not sure how I missed this one since I’ve been here multiple times. Actually we used to go here before it was a brewery and it was the seafood place. Nice place but I always hated going as a kid because I disliked (still dislike) seafood. It’s a bit different now in that it’s more hippie. Seems like they should have a surf board hanging above the bar. Oh wait, they do. They also started experimenting with their beer a couple years ago which is nice. When I first went there wasn’t much to be had beyond the standard red ale, pale ale, brown ale, etc. Now they’ve got barrel aged beers, double IPAs, and they use some of the newer experimental hops occasionally. All that said the beer isn’t great, but that can be forgiven if you’re going to the brewery to drink since if you can sit out on the patio on a warm day it’s beautiful.“
t0rin0 2570 days ago
80 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“Visited on a Sunday late afternoon with the family along with just about everyone else that was headed back to the city from the coast. Busy, busy. Wait was only about 30 minutes @ 3:00pm, and the outdoor seating overlooking the bay is fantastic. Believe there were 8-10 on-draft options, of which we sampled 4 (Hefe, ’Squirrel’ belgian pale, Rye Pale and Tunnel Vision). All were just ’OK’, but placed in the atmosphere will get an extra point. Food and location are standouts and portions are ginormous. We didn’t feel like eating for many hours afterwards. Fish tacos, for example, was essentially 1/2 a pound of halibut dwarfing the tortilla.“
alagnak 2592 days ago
68 /100 1410 CABRILLO HWY
“Visited December 1, 2013.

Not sure if this is new but I never noticed it before. It’s right on highway 1 in Half Moon Bay. They have this cool double decker bus outside with some neon beer signs in the windows. Inside is kind of dark but kind of British pub-like with the old wooden furniture and some over the top British decor like the phone booth and some other stuff. Inside is a decent tap list. Not amazing but they do have several good IPAs like Drakes and Marin. Of course they have crap like Guinness but there are some good choices. The food looked kind of lame, sort of Denny’s-esque but I didn’t try it. I was happy with a Drakes IPA. The server was really nice and chatted up all 3 of the patrons at the bar, which is very small and only seats about 5. I’d consider stopping back in when in Half Moon Bay. Maybe I’ll have to do a bit of a pub crawl on the bicycle starting at Half Moon Bay Brewing and heading south to Cameron’s and Highway 1 Brewing. Oh hell, might as well start at Golden Gate Park at Beach Chalet and make it a nice round 50 mile trip. Yeah, I think I’ll do that one of these days.“
t0rin0 2802 days ago
76 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“Some decent beers in a great setting.“
jeremytoni 2832 days ago
84 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“Nice sunny day, great atmosphere. Service a little slow after lunch, smiles and very friendly. Princeton by sea IPA, with Fish Taco’s, and wafting malt aromas from the brewhouse mashing tun! awesome!“
richie747 2839 days ago
80 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“Visited with the family on St. Patricks day - doing a great business. Nice location right next to the ocean, quite large with a mix of indoor and outdoor seating. Small bar area. Running about 10 beers on tap, including a mix of regulars and seasonals. Service was pretty good given how busy they were. Food is pretty good actually, but tourist-pricey. Beers, unfortunately, are only so so. Return April 2015; I don’t know if I was just thirstier or if things have improved, but I thought the beer quality was quite solid on this visit.“
bytemesis 3062 days ago
60 /100 1410 CABRILLO HWY
“Interesting British style pub on the Pacific coast just outside of Half Moon Bay proper. Beer list pretty boring, but several British/Irish beers and a few decent enough West coast brews in the mix. Not so excited about the food; I send mine back twice, and I almost never complain. On the plus side, it is certainly kid friendly, and with 19 taps it is almost assured you will find something worth drinking.“
bytemesis 3117 days ago
64 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“It’s a pleasant place to visit, especially sitting outside on a sunny day. The food is pricey but of good quality. Their beers vary in quality but they do have some good ones. Would visit again but more for the scenery and environment than the beer.“
mike_77 3170 days ago
76 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“Great little place right on the coast. About 6-8 of their own beers on tap. the 2 I had were both pretty good. Food was outstanding!“
csaso 3238 days ago
68 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“Visited here a while back while on a beach trip with the family. The place is obviously popular with this kind of crowd. It was full, but not overcrowded on a Saturday evening and the service was okay if a bit rushed. The location is awesome with a view of the ocean from the large patio. This is the place to be in my opinion as the inside is a bit run down. I thought both the beer and the food were average. The beer was particularly forgettable. This seems to be the kind of place that coasts on their incredible location, and I’m not a big fan of that. I will have to revisit soon though, because it’s been a while since I’ve been here. It is worth a stop if you want the ticks and a decent place to relax after a day at the beach.“
joeneugs 3318 days ago
88 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“No wonder why Travel and Lesiure Magazine named this one of the best beach bars in America. I visited here after kayaking in Half Moon Bay. Quick walk from the pier to this brewpub. Busy all Saturday afternoon. Sat inside for 30 minutes and had a 20 oz. IPA while waiting for an outside table. They had wind-shields around the patio area to keep the chill off, and allow you to view the ocean. Very good beer, excellent seafood, salads and sandwiches. A little pricy. One of the locals said there’s an interesting local speaker series on Thursday evenings, if you like intellectual conversation.“
MPalecek 3377 days ago
70 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“A nice place on the bay. Good sized bar area with a fireplace. Big patio and plenty of inside eating. Decent beers and good food. The service was OK, but seemed to be rushed whenever I asked a question.“
Sledutah 3404 days ago
58 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“Was at their place the week after San Fransisco beer week. Sun and just a litle wind and their out door veranda was packed. Fast service and good food. A sample tray with 10 different of their own beers. Had time for a short visit in the brewery and meet the nice brew crew. I’ll gladly come back.“
TEJA 3442 days ago
74 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“good memories from WC 94 really good ales!“
Cunningham 3558 days ago
72 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“I had a good time drinking at this place. A nice little brew pub with a nice crowd of locals, fairly cheap prices, a nice view, and relatively good brews. Worth a visit for sure if you are driving along 1.“
ben4321 3726 days ago
72 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“Great location, on the harbour right on the Pacific - a real summer holiday retreat, and then with a brewpub. A huge place with lots of both inside and outside seating - we sat outside, and had dinner, which got quite cold even on a July evening. 10 beers of draft ranging from good to flawed, but definately worth a stop - both for the ticks, but certainly also for the location.“
Ungstrup 3908 days ago
76 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“Great place tucked out byt he water. Went for the fish and chips next door but was easily lured next door for a a couple pints. Warm and inviting.. great fireplace thing.. circular fire in a wind tunnel.. great place for a brew.. thier inhouse is pretty decent.“
Zenwolf 3978 days ago
68 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“This brewpub is in a great location north of Half Moon Bay in the pretentiously named village of Princeton-by-the-Sea, close to the famous Maverick’s surfing destination. Drive from where I live in Palo Alto is about 40 minutes. If you can manage to come here on a nice day (HMB tends to be chilly and foggy), it’s a really great spot to sit outside and drink some beers. There’s a huge outdoor area and quite a bit of space inside too. Service is average to a little above. The place seems to be decently well-staffed. There’s a lot of your typical pub food, very seafood-heavy since it’s on the beach, with some more interesting options on the menu as well. Good quality of food. The chef here actually does my company’s holiday parties, and he knows his way around the kitchen for sure. The beers are in the average range. They have some interesting specials (including some occasional -bal aged stuff), but their standard lineup is very standard: golden ale, pale ale, amber ale, IPA, brown ale, hefeweizen when I was there. Not really catering to the beer geek crowd. Overall though, this is a solid place. I’ll be back, no question.“
nickd717 4034 days ago
82 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“Quality brewpub with great scenery and a nice outdoor area. The fish and chips and the burgers were both excellent. As for the beer, I only tried the Amber Ale and it was tasty and went well with the meal. I’d definitely like to come back and sample some of their other brews. Prices are higher than your standard brewpub but what you would expect in a coastal California tourist town.“
CampesinoTino 4098 days ago
78 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“This is a great place to go when it’s sunny out. They have a great outdoor patio with fire pits you had chill out at. The food is good with typical pubfare and great seafood. They are located in the marina after all. The beers are decent ales. Some better than others. Nothing that really blew me away but didn’t make me gag either. The ambiance is worth it for sure.“
digitalczech 4150 days ago
80 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“This place kicks ass!! What more could you want. Good beer. Great location. Good food. I have been here several times. The beer is decent and worth seeking out. No extreme beers though. The food is pretty good. Definitely order the clam chowder. When you visit here make a day trip out of it. Tide pools and berry farms and beaches.“
mrhoppy 4415 days ago
54 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“Visited early evening on a Thursday. We had a nice view of the harbor and bay. The beer sampler yielded some decent brews (IPA and pale) and some not-so-great ones (Belgian trippel). Overall, not an impressive spread. Food selection revolves around the nautical theme - hey, it’s Half Moon Bay - and the prices are what you would expect for seafood, but there is no relief in what I would consider traditional pub fare. Instead of entrées, my wife and I opted to share several appetizers and were extremely pleased. The ceviche and poki were phenomenal and the smoked fish sampler was awesome. My daughters split the steamed clam appetizer which was also notably good. Our bill ended up being around $70 for three appetizers (two of which were sampler platters), a beer sampler, two kids drinks (no refills), and a pint of beer. Marginal service, less than average beers, and high prices are buzz killers for the ambiance and great food.“
ZazuH 4495 days ago
60 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“Visited here on a relatively cool day. The selection of beer was overall decent, but nothing exciting. I found it to be crowded and very loud. Also, the main bathrooms were closed, not a good thing, especially considering I was there at about 6pm on a Friday. They had a fireplace going outside, which led to a nice ambiance. I liked that they had a card showing all the current beers with a small description. Certainly worth a stop if you are in the area, but not worth going out of the way to visit.“
heemer77 4595 days ago
74 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“Went on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in late November temperature 67 degrees and sunny. Sat out on the outdoor patio that overlooks the water and marina. Located in Princeton, not Half Moon Bay, and is 4 miles north of Hwy 92. GREAT place to drink beer. I only had one brew, which was their newly released wet hop Green Gold IPA, which was quite frankly outstanding. My one gripe is that the food is over-the-top expensive as CaptKirk indicated. You’ll be hard pressed to find any food item on the menu under $11 and most are several dollars more than that. Sure, you pay for the location and view but I have to believe they’d get more customers if they made their prices more reasonable. The beer prices are fine from memory $3.75 for 12 oz, $4.50 for 16 oz., etc. Food was outstanding. Our server was not knowledgeable at all about the beer. Found out that my grandfather’s construction company built the place back in the 70’s. HMBB is supposedly the 3rd tennant and has been in business since 2001. Large interior with a meandering dining area with windows overlooking the ocean and a bar on the other side. I know the ratings for most of their beers are fairly average, but perhaps the Green Gold IPA is a promise of better quality for the present and future.“
ElGaucho 4998 days ago
84 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“GREAT location! Had dinner out on the patio with a view of the bay. Food was fine, but I thought expensive ($17 for a crab and shrip sandwich). The beer was very good. My reviews of the 8 beers on tap are available. The service was very good and helpful with beer selection and pairing. I went when they had a jazz band, which was good, but a little too noisy on the inside for me. I just wanted to enjoy the view and the beer.“
CaptKirk 5202 days ago
22 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“We’ve been there three times and each time the service gets worse. Last night the manager was nearly confrontational and un-apologetic about the slow service. The beer is OK but the service kills any reason to ever return.“
BelmontBrewer 5567 days ago
52 /100 390 CAPISTRANO AVE
“I’ve been more than a couple of times and there’s not much exciting here. Half Moon Bay is a great visit and I recommend it to tourists. The brewpub is a pleasant enough place to get lunch though the staff is not that up on beer generally. The beer is not a reason to get down to Half Moon Bay.“
joet 5603 days ago
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