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68 /100 530 CRANE ST, STE C
“Brewery in an outdoor mall. Bit of a chain feel to it. A dozen beers on tap, in three sizes. Interesting style array. Service good. Didn't try the food. Beer quality average. The resin bar is neat.“
bytemesis 280 days ago
78 /100 530 CRANE ST, STE C
“Stopped for lunch on way to Temecula. Only patron. Food was fine purple cheese chips nice. Decent selection of styles. Beer I had ok. Friendly staff. It’s like a strip mall so decor is what it is.“
Jow 656 days ago
86 /100 530 CRANE ST, STE C
“Love these guys and the beers. I haven’t visited in over a year, but hopefully they have tried to spruce up the place a bit. Felt very warehousey and sterile last time. Otherwise it is one of the premier joints in the I.E. for craft beers.“
Cristobal37 3668 days ago
70 /100 530 CRANE ST, STE C
“Small industrial park brewery in Lake Elsinore. Friendly bar tenders. Fine selection of their own beers with a couple that were gems. Worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
badlizard 3762 days ago
72 /100 530 CRANE ST, STE C
“Decent sized tasting room located just off of I15 in Lake Elsinore. A small bar with a handful of tables around the tasting room as well. The service was friendly and quick, and the prices were pretty fair on the samples. They also have growlers and bottles available. Seven taps, beers were mediocre, a lot of them being pretty watery.“
brokensail 3867 days ago
74 /100 530 CRANE ST, STE C
“Easy to find in the back of an industrial park, ample unrestricted parking. Nice tasting room is literally inside the main brewhouse and barrel room. Really small set up. Flights/samples available. Beer quality was average with some good stuff (the stout) and some flops (the IPA). They have bombers of their beers to go for $4.5 0 a bottle- cheap. Friendly staff. Good prices. Fun hangout, seemed to be popular with the locals.“
GT 3881 days ago
70 /100 530 CRANE ST, STE C
“Visited on the way to the Stone anniversary party.
</br> When I was here they were barely making 2 bbl worth of beer but I’ve seen their stuff in bottles lately so I’m thinking they’ve expanded and it’s time for a revisit. Yet another warehouse brewery and seeing the tiny brewing system in the large tasting room was a bit sad but it was a cool atmosphere with some good music.

Service was friendly and there was lots of beer to pick from, however at the time the beer was mostly homebrew quality. It’s probably time to check in again and see how it’s (hopefully) improved. No food when I was there and this is off of 15 at an exit without any restaurants.“
t0rin0 3950 days ago
80 /100 530 CRANE ST, STE C
“stopped in here last week, nice lil place with good beers, and great service. friendly staff.“
HopHead811 4566 days ago
86 /100 530 CRANE ST, STE C
“What a great place. Super friendly staff and great beers. Try the stout, porter and dubbel. All of their beers are great but those three stand out for me.“
GuruDel 4817 days ago
76 /100 530 CRANE ST, STE C
“Stopped by here on a Sunday after a San Diego trip. Setup in an industrial center. A nice small little entrance with a good amount of items for sale. A short step from there you go back to the tasting area that’s connected to the rest of the brewery. The had a couple of tables set up, made from old wood barrels, very cool. Small little tap area with a few smacks laid out to munch on. Met three of the partners and talked to them for quite awhile along with the three other guys that came along with me, very cool guys, very happy to talk beer with us as we sampled their brews, which were all quite good. Overall a very nice little place and a very nice atmosphere to sample a couple of cold one’s“
Hophead22 5042 days ago
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