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82 /100 1422 DEMPSEY RD
“Visited during covid. Filling 32oz crowlers for $10 from around 20-30 taps, which is a good price/vol but I prefer tasters. Half pour are available normally, but not now. Emphasis on locals, but decent selection from other microbreweries. About 6 large fridges from floor to ceiling of 100’s of different cans and bottle including dedicated fridge for sours, stouts, ciders, IPAs, etc. Very nice, but the same beers are closer to me, so I may not be back for a while. Excellent overall.“
wetherel 1336 days ago
78 /100 1422 DEMPSEY RD
“Visit Date: 7/25/18 Nice draft options, lots of taps. Bottles and cans to go as well. Some seating. Didn't eat. Fun spot overall.“
ben4321 1746 days ago
64 /100 1210 GREAT MALL DR
“Stopped at the home depot and used that new "nearby" feature on the site and lo and behold, 600 feet away! Maybe I am just spoiled, but this did not feel large to me. Beer selection and quantity was quite a step below my local bevmo overall. Otherwise, pretty standard fare, and yes, it is a pity to see imperial IPA’s with dust on them in unrefrigerated shelves. Never buy a hoppy beer without a date on the bottle here, or at any BevMo for that matter.“
bytemesis 3024 days ago
66 /100 1426 DEMPSEY RD
“Visited here while on vacation in mid August ’15. Small little pizza joint tucked away in a suburban strip mall. Place is packed with TVs with SF area sports (pretty cool for an East Coaster). Order at the counter type of place with tons of choices for the pizza. We had a split Margarhita and Greek and it was outstanding. Large beer selection, many from West Coast brewers I was not quite familiar with. The prices were kind of high though - all pints were at least $8 per, I chose to get a sampler of three 4 oz glasses for $9 which is still kind of high, but the ticker in me saw the value in it. The beers to be honest tasted all kind of old or the taps needed cleaning. Maybe because it was late on a Monday night with a sparse crowd, but the ambiance just was not there for me. Hope it was just an off night, would try again if ever in the area again.“
PorterPounder 3200 days ago
72 /100 1426 DEMPSEY RD
“Definitely not on the beaten track. In a small strip mall near 680. Pretty large inside, lots of tables. You order at the counter. Tap list was quite solid. Pizza was kind of meh, unfortunately. This is definitely worthy of inclusion. Appears to be the only one in the chain that really got into craft beer. Good for them :).“
bytemesis 3457 days ago
78 /100 1426 DEMPSEY RD
“Visited February 10, 2014.

Stopped in at lunch time after visiting a client in Milpitas. Hadn’t heard of this place before I went to Milpitas this time around so I’m guessing that it was just recently added to the site here. I was informed that the place has been open for 20 years. A shame that more people don’t know about it as they have both a pretty decent tap line up (as well as bottle list) and some good looking food. Unfortunately I had already eaten so I didn’t try the pizza but next time I’ll spring for a small pizza (not cheap, around $15, but the Caliente and Stromboli look great). The dining room is your typical pizza parlor but that’s neither a pro nor a con.

In bottles they have Chimay, Lagunitas (Sucks quarts, seems like a bit much for one person), Knee Deep, Deschutes, Heretic, and Sierra Nevada. On tap I saw Port Mongo, Heretic Evil Cousin, and Bear Republic Apex that I can remember. They have plenty more though. The owner was very nice and helpful and told me about some of the house beers they have. He didn’t say where the house beers are actually made but he had a pils from southern California which could either mean Bayhawk (hope not) or Firestone (which would be good). Considering there are other Stuft Pizza beers listed here which are aliased to Firestone beers that’s where my money is.“
t0rin0 3756 days ago
72 /100 1210 GREAT MALL DR
“Visited September 23, 2013.

Wasn’t planning on doing any place ticking during work but I was at a customer site which happened to be about 2 blocks from the mall where this Bevmo is located. This is a large Bevmo with a decent amount of beer available, 3 aisles in total. They have a lot of California-made beer. They were also clearancing Vitus for $1.99/bottle. I was very tempted to buy a dozen or so but I didn’t. Selection is fairly standard for a Bevmo, decent over all. Lots of unrefrigerated IPAs sitting around sadly.“
t0rin0 3896 days ago
64 /100 1210 GREAT MALL DR
“Stopped in hoping to find singles but all this outlet had was bombers. Overall decent selection, but more geared toward buying full sixes. Prices were fine. Staff was available.“
strongpieman 4277 days ago
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