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80 /100 71800 HWY 111
“This was amazing. The general manger seated us and provided samples of their awarding beers and ales. I liked the Backfin the best. It is named after a submarine. The other ales were good. I liked the pale ales the best. WE did not have the Bar-b-Que due to time constraints. The shrimp and fries were fine. They have have just won a competition for Best Brew House in California, They are in the same shopping center as The Yard House.“
Foxbush 3017 days ago
60 /100 71800 HWY 111
“Big place, loud with lots going on. A half dozen of their own beers on tap and maybe 10-15 guest taps. Service was ok. BBQ was really good. House beers were just meh.“
rejtable 3409 days ago
66 /100 71800 HWY 111
“Visited April 23, 2011.

This was on the way out to the Big 4 show in Indio/Coachella where Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer all played. We stopped at the only brewery in town (at the time) for lunch before the show. Nice area and nice restaurant but the beer was kind of lame. The best beer was the scotch ale which was approaching good but still not amazing. It took me a while to figure it out but I knew I recognized the Blackfin Lager name from somewhere. Well on the wall near the bathrooms there was an article about this place and how their new brewer (at the time) came from PH Woods in Moreno Valley. That’s where it hit me that I had tried pretty much the same beer at PH Woods a few months earlier. It might be the same recipe but this one came out buttery. Actually a lot of the beers had some butter flavor.

The BBQ was solid which was almost good enough to make me want to stop back in if passing through but there are a number of other places out this way that I want to check out first.“
t0rin0 3455 days ago
68 /100 71800 HWY 111
“We have been here 4 times in the last 10 years or so. The food has always been good. Service has been hit or miss over the years, but our server last night was awesome. The beer is still pretty average, but far from bad. They have expanded their guest taps and bottle list which is very nice now. Worth a stop.“
Naven 3538 days ago
82 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“Visited on Super Bowl Sunday and sampled beer while Denver forgot they had a game. We entertained ourselves by getting short pours of California brewers we can’t get. Hanger 24, lost coast, etc. fun time. Service was good as was food.“
KPD 3672 days ago
80 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“Many beers on tap both international and domestic. Food is better than average bar food. Only complaint is many of the beers that are not so popular seem less than fresh.“
RealSclenkerla 3700 days ago
62 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“We have been here many times, the last time on 4.1.2014. A typical Yard house place with a large bar and a dark ambiente. Over the years hey have reduced their beer offering and have hardly any exotic beers, more and more they offer the Heineken and Millers of this world. The good ales they do have are not very tasteful and served too cold. The food is very good and they do have good deals for happy hour, also the service is very attentive and nice. Would not come for the beers, but you can come here for happy hour and have some appetizers.“
Schlenkerla 3701 days ago
70 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“While they have a ton of taps, I have to give the selection a fairly low score for having almost nothing interesting on tap. The burgers are decent but the pizza is terrible. Nothing special.“
badlizard 3764 days ago
44 /100 71800 HWY 111
“We were here in 2009. This brew pub is close to the local Yard House and next to the motel where we stay when visiting the Palm Springs area. Beers are not their main focus, it’s more a restaurant which also brews beers. You do not need to come for the beer.“
Schlenkerla 4004 days ago
58 /100 71800 HWY 111
“Mediocre BBQ restaurant with some pretty terrible house beers. The service is pretty awful at this place. I liked one of the house beers they had (Scotch ale). The rest were super buttery. The food wasn’t bad, but I’ve certainly had better. Just drink a gin and tonic by the pool.“
brokensail 4221 days ago
78 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“Went here with a group of people, my first time to one of these. Pretty good selection of beers, including some house beers, which appear to be made mostly by Firestone Walker. Food was very good, and reasonably priced.“
csaso 4359 days ago
66 /100 71800 HWY 111
“Big BBQ place that kind of feels like a chain restaurant even though it’s not. Big dark interior with a western feel, they make the employees where cowboy hats. We had great service but you could tell the server didn’t know anything about the beer. Selection is ok, about 6+ taps and mostly different styles, some good beer and some pretty bad stuff too. Food was good BBQ style but the portions are HUGE and they charge you to split a plate. Value was ok, like I said my wife and I could easily share a dinner but they charge you $6 to split the meal. Overall a good place to get some heart burn, not the best place to get some good beer.“
savnac 4376 days ago
84 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“On an AOPD trip to La Quinta we had dinner and beers at The Yard House. It was highly recommended for the selection and we were not disappointed. I a Double daddy and an imperial Stout. the food was good and service was excellent. The bartender did not want my brother to just drink Coors Light. Light dinning area. We were next to the keg room. The beer is pumped over the ceiling to the bar and taps.“
Foxbush 4381 days ago
64 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“Next best thing to a brewery.Pro’s & Con’s:Pro’s...Well thought out selection when they are all pouring, food is decent Con’s...Bar is always packed with Bud Lite Drinkers that are more interested in the "Meat Market" aspect of the bar. Not a real Beer/ Micro-brewery ambiance.Great for 1 pint and then hop over to Babe’s Brewhouse at The RIVER.“
DesertHopHead 4499 days ago
94 /100 71800 HWY 111
“Babe’s just added a new section to their beer list and it ROCKS!!! They call it, "Imperials,Doubles, Doppels, Dubbels & Triples". How cool is that?! I had Babe’s current seasonal which is called "Accelerator 8.0 Doppelbock" reminded me of Paulaner Salvador. They also have Firestone Dbl Jack Imperial IPA. That’s good! Lastly I had a Dogfish Head 90 IPA.This place has really payed more attention to their hop heads. Cheers“
DesertHopHead 4500 days ago
62 /100
Burgers & Beer (Restaurant)
“I go here predominantly for the burgers which are excellent as are the fajitas but this place has a decent bottle selection too. Nothing rare but a lot to chose from and some good choices too. It’s a sports bar and staff don’t know too much but it is one of my favorite local hang outs.“
BeerLimey 4652 days ago
84 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“Huge tap selection with many commons but some truly good finds too. Food, service and ambiance make this a popular hang out as its more about the restaurant than the beer. Only complaint about the beer would be that they don’t do much in the way of seasonals or locals but without a doubt the only place you’ll find so many quality brews on tap.“
BeerLimey 4658 days ago
52 /100 72817 DINAH SHORE DR
“One of my regular calls since they seem to like the local Stone rep. It’s a pretty small liquor store but it’s worth checking into at least once a month to find a new bottle or two. Staff might not be experts but they are enthusiastic.“
BeerLimey 4658 days ago
74 /100 71800 HWY 111
“Great food and nice place to take the kids because it is usually pretty loud. Worth ducking into if you are at the movies or just nearby.“
GuruDel 4819 days ago
64 /100 71800 HWY 111
“Barbeque is great, Love the "drunken Monk" when available, Oktoberfest was great too. They change their house brews seasonally so they’re different depending on when you visit, you can always find a great brew and the BBQ is constant, try the special coleslaw!!!“
AliceDoc 4826 days ago
68 /100 71800 HWY 111
“Big place that has more of a restaurant than a brewery feel. Waiter and waitresses in cowboy hats. BBQ was pretty good, but expensive. 5 house beers and a few guest taps. Worth a stop.“
msante79 4828 days ago
68 /100 71800 HWY 111
“Great BBQ, but the beer can be hit or miss. Stick to the Blackfin Lager (schwartzbier) or the seasonal. The Golden and Pale Ales are taken off too early by the brewer leaving them full of diacetyl. Which is too bad, because this is the only place in the desert that brews their own beer on premises.“
BeerMePodcast 4862 days ago
74 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“Good place have common beers with friends, nothing rare u going to find here so don’t get ur hopes up, food is good.“
JK81 4968 days ago
62 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“Sports Bar ambiance, really good service, and a fair selection. I know from a quantity standpoint they brag about being the largest, but there are just too many macros. That being said, the selection of craft beers was decent, particularly in this area that seems to be abandoned by the beer gods. I’d recoomend going during the happy hour (3:00 to 6:00) and take advantage of the half-price appetizers and $4.50 pints of craft beer.“
allfreej 5307 days ago
68 /100 71800 HWY 111
“Recently there with my wife and kids, her brother’s family, and her parents. Everyone was very happy-- attentive service, excellent quality BBQ with generous but manageable portions, and of course their house-made beers. The tasting platter is an excellent deal, and all of their brews were at least decent, with a couple being very good. Not much of a beer menu aside from the house made stuff however. Relaxed atmosphere, good homestyle cooking, and decent beer.“
DuffMan 5512 days ago
92 /100 71800 HWY 111
“I loved babe’s. great food, great service, great atmosphere, I’ll definately go back“
cddc16 5656 days ago
84 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“The tap selection is impressive for its sheer quantity, and there are enough micros and mid-size breweries represented that I would be surprised if you couldn’t find at least one or two new beers, or failing that, at least one or two that you would be happy to have again. Decent representation of Cali micros in particular: Stone, Sierra Nevada, Mendocino, Bayhawk, Mad River, to name a few. We went with our two small kids and had a terrific meal with great service. we were lucky enough to get a table in a side room that looked down on the bar, so it wasn’t too noisy despite a full house. Lots of plasma TVs with sports on every one. The kids meals in particular were generously portioned with an excellent range of choices at a great price. We’d definitely come back, as it had something for the whole family and not just the beer lover.“
DuffMan 5860 days ago
10 /100 71800 HWY 111
“I went to Babes for dinner with a friend. I ordered the tri-tip sandwich it was smelled bad so I asked for it to switched to the brisket sandwich. It was cold. Needless to say, my stomach couldn’t take the food thus I became sick the soon after eating. If you like cold and smelly food, then I would highly recommend Babe’s Bar-B Que Grill.“
drbassett 5888 days ago
8 /100 71800 HWY 111
“I got sick off of there brewed beer, they stopped selling it after my complaint and the manager wouldn’t give me a refund. Please go some where else. This place should be shut down. “
CarBizIndio 5970 days ago
88 /100 71800 HWY 111
“Babe’s is a BBQ and brewpub place in Rancho Mirage at 111 & Bob Hope in "The River" shopping center. I really enjoyed the place. The decor is rustic, but tasteful and it was very comfortable inside. It was clean and upscale from a typical BBQ joint. The service was excellent. The people friendly and the BBQ was great. I highly recommend this place. AFA the beer, we had a sampler of their house beers: Honey Blonde: A solid representation of the style. A thirst quencher, which is what you need in the desert. 29 Palms Pale Ale: A pretty decent APA Spring Lager (Maibock): Tasty and malty. Very good Drunk’n Monk (Trippel): pretty darn good Blackfin Lager: A schwarzbier that was spot on and great w/ BBQ“
JohnC 6158 days ago
58 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“What a waste of a lot of perfectly good taps. You know you’re a beer geek when you go into a place with this many taps and nothing sounds good. The taps are largely US megaswill, Euroswill, and the usual flagship offerings from larger craft breweries. This is proof that more is not necessarily better. Its disappointing that they don’t set a few taps aside for some really special beers. That said the food at the location near us is great and our family enjoys it.“
Dunk 6278 days ago
74 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“Too large.. loud noise like 80 and 90s pop and rock. Huge selection on tap but mainly 2.8-3.8 rated beers, including miller, bud, coors, blabla... yuck! I did however have stone chipotle poter, AV. hop ottin and Rouge hazelnut. (pretty good but nothing new.) The food was excelent though...(Have the spinach dip) Nice and friendly... good for the familiy.“
alafito 6446 days ago
64 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“This place loses points because they are called the Yard House, they have yard-glass-sized brass cutouts for door handles, and they no longer serve beer in yard glasses. I couldn’t even get a half-yard of Delirium Tremens because of their fear of litigation. But I did get three pints of DT, which is more than a half yard. Idiots. Anyway, the atmosphere is good (although it can get really loud at times), the food is usually pretty good, but the service can, at times, be downright abysmal. Living only a few miles away, I would go much more often if it weren’t for the service issue and the way-too-inflated prices.“
jimcook 6459 days ago
70 /100 71800 HWY 111
“Well, Hans is back. This is my first time here and it was a pretty good experience. I might come off biased because I came here after a 2 hour hike in 100 degree weather, but whatever. Selection of their beers was: IPA, APA, blonde, schwartz, and a pilsner. Food was fine, I had a pizza despite 90% of the menu being ribs/pork/bbq. Worth going to after a hot day for sure. Bartender was great.“
ABUSEDGOAT 6496 days ago
68 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“Ambience and food is sorta like a nicer TGI Fridays. Waiter was pretty quick, so was service, but it wasn’t flying either. The selection is interesting. There’s well over 100 taps here, but I really struggled to find something I wanted. Out of all the taps, I couldn’t find a beer on the list that was really rare and in high demand. I believe the highest rated beer on the site that they had there was Stone’s IPA. Regardless, I had 3 beers from some Cali micro I had never heard of.“
ABUSEDGOAT 6496 days ago
38 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“way too hip and too expensive......the beer selection has improved a little over the last year or so........more hoppy beers......i you like stouts you won’t find much here, but you can get some good pale ales, ipas, and pilsner.......and tons of pale crap lager......but hundreds of taps aside this is a below average beer bar.......i would rather have a well thought out selection of 10 beer than 100 just for an impressive number.....“
timmy300 6520 days ago
92 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“Really an impressive place for beer lovers to visit if ever in the desert town of Rancho Mirage. Tremendous selection of draughts on two beer towers that is surrounded by a huge circular bar. Well maintained, with lots of good California micros, craft beers from other states, and a good selection of imports. That being said, when you go over kill with choices, many beers sit, and will eventually get stale. So, there is no doubt you will find stale beers on draught at the Yard House, so buyer beware. Atmosphere and food are excellent, service was very good. Located in "The River" shopping complex, which also houses, Babe BBQ and Brewery, the only other real beer friendly place in the area. I payed this place a few visits on a recent trip to Palm Springs, and it truly was an oasis in the desert for a beer lover.“
TheBeerLover 6524 days ago
82 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“This a beer oasis in an area that is generally beerless. Look up RB member Beerlimey, a manager who really knows his beers.Their Happy hour 3-6 Mon. through Fri. is one of the great deals. Pints are $3.00and most appetizers are half price. Appetizers include pizzas, seared ahi tuna and several other. The portions are large and good. Good place to meet people because the bar is an oval in the middle of the room with seating for about 25 to 30 people.“
magicbill 6614 days ago
86 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“Nice selection of beer; about 25% of which is the standard crap you’d never drink, and the rest are respectable beers. Service was good; food is great. Make sure you go at happy hour for 50% off appertizers and beer. You can smoke in the patio outside amist the misters. Very good overall, and recommended if you are in the area.“
lordwunjo 6787 days ago
78 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“"World’s largest beer selection" was enough to pull me into the parking lot. A neat place, and as others have said, seemed to be accomodating to any sort of group you might have. My wife, 4-month-old son, and I were quite comfortable. Food was great. As for the beer, yes, there’s a ton of them. I did find it odd, however, that in California, with 150 taps, that Old Rasputin was not on the menu. I’d say 25% of taps are below par. For a lot of taps done right, I’d refer to the Tap Room in Bellevue, WA. Still that’s just a quibbling point and this was a great place for dinner.“
CAmes 6853 days ago
70 /100 71800 HWY 111
“This is a place that has always had great BBQ food (as good as you’ll find) but has only started getting serious about its beer over the last couple of years. Great bar and atmosphere. plush a little upscale as far as breweries go although happy hour is great for those that are just interested in the beer. There are 4 mainstays on tap (black lager is top rate) as well as a rotating seasonal that tends to branch out. Recent efforts such as the winter ale and Bin (a zinfandel style beer) clealry show the intent. One rotating guest beer also usually tends to be on the interesting side. You’ll find some good bottled beers too, including an affinity towards southern beers. Its more about the restaurant than the beer but the brews range from average to excellent and they’re the only onsite brewer in the local area.“
BeerLimey 6898 days ago
90 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“"The world’s largest selection of beer on tap" I Just came back from 2 weeks in the palm desert area and I went here 4 times while I was there. You can bring kids, no smoking, great happy hour that also includes 1/2 price appetizers and a huge menu. Just go if you are close.“
Rentalman 7058 days ago
88 /100 71800 HIGHWAY 111
“This venue is located in a sort of entertainment complex, with a cinema, resturants etc. I had to get a bus from Palm Springs so that meant a 20 min each way journey, but it was worth the trip. Lots of beer taps, but for a person not familar with US brands, some kind of menu would have been helpful. Gripes aside however, the choice is amazing, the atmosphere buzzing, and plenty of pints to be drunk.“
DanielBrown 7219 days ago
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