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64 /100
1-Stop Liquor (Grocery Store)
“Staying in Ridgecrest overnight and having nothing else to do but having some beers I found this Holy’s rating. It really is surprisingly well stocked liquor store. European, Californian and local beers well represented. No 12 oz singles. The prices were really affordable. The staff though was gas station staff...“
rosenbergh 3280 days ago
88 /100 PO BOX 395
“Great Beer. The service was good. Ambiance was good. The girls.....Really good !“
orhay 4381 days ago
44 /100
1-Stop Liquor (Grocery Store)
“Stopped by here to look for anything drinkable - surprisingly, this shop has a healthy number of European imports! It’s literally, a hole-in-a-wall (dirty on the outside) gas station/beer shop with moderate selection. If you’re in the area and need something better than Bud, give this shack a try.“
Holy 4814 days ago
72 /100 PO BOX 395
“This resort is on Route 136 on the western edge of Death Valley. You can spend the night in their 70’s style motel, or stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In the restaurant is a beautiful handmade wooden bar sporting 6 taps of decent beer. Adjacent to the bar is a small room with coolers containing the best selection of beer anywhere near Death Valley. There was a full range of Stone and Rogue brews, a good selection from many other U.S. microbreweries and even a few Belgians - in total, over 100 good beers. The servers are very friendly and accommodating, but don’t seem to know much about the beer. In good weather, there are outdoor tables with a gorgeous view. There is a limited selection of tasty food.“
marcus 5858 days ago
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