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68 /100 HWY 190
“Stayed here on honeymoon decent selection of beers for the middle of nowhere and a great setting even got a teeshirt which still looks god three years later“
redders1974 3240 days ago
62 /100 HWY 190
“LOL, can’t believe this has been added. I have drank here several times. They do indeed have a fair selection, particularly for the middle of a desert. Decent pizza as well. Standard sports bar-esque atmosphere.“
bytemesis 3750 days ago
68 /100 HWY 190
“Stayed a couple nights here exploring the National Park. Small place, a few TVs, pool table, 20 taps or so, 3 swill. They had some classics, Arrogant bastard, dead guy ale. Had Death Valley Pale Ale from Indian Wells. Other decent mix of beers, Mammoth Brewing, Firestone, Deschutes, a nice mix. As the young lady said checking us in "not bad for the middle of nowhere". The bar has very limited food- it’s connected to the restaurant and the restaurant serves the same beer. So if hungry go there, if just thirsty go to the bar. Good place for a cold one in a hot dusty area. Life is good. Oh and pints are $5 :)“
KPD 3753 days ago
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