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62 /100 550 SHERLING PL #2140
“In the same large strip mall as Northpaw and easily the better of the two. Moderate sized interior, with huge ceilings and a modern industrial feel to the place. No flights when I visited during Covid -- hopefully they change that. Their reason (or excuse) was that they don't want to encourage sharing, which makes no sense when I'm there alone or with my significant other. So, only 14 oz pours available for $7, which is super lame given the fairly pedetarian beers. Beer quality was hit-or-miss. Most beers were textbook styles and fairly competently brewed, though they seem to indicate that they're willing to experiment a little (they had an imperial porter on tap, but not very well-done). Friendly service, who were willing to give out free samples. Worth a stop if out in PoCo, but not worth a special trip.“
mcberko 122 days ago
54 /100 2332 MARPOLE AVE
“Nice place in the heart of PoCo town centre, with an expansive interior. Smells like BBQ inside, which is not great for vegetarians/vegans, but what are you gonna do... Tried a couple flights (about $10 after tax) with the misses, with maybe 1 (the Juicy IPA) being something we'd drink again, the rest ranging from mediocre to poor. Hopefully they get their quality improved over the next little while. Extremely friendly staff, and it's cool that they pay them living wages (so no tips accepted). Nothing special beer-wise.“
mcberko 122 days ago
72 /100 2332 MARPOLE AVE
“Pre- Covid rating, I just never got around to entering it. Visited early March 2020, a week or so after they opened. Good service and a nice bright airy space. They offer all sorts of barbeque, I had the brisket and it was excellent. Beers were generally pretty good. Prices were a little high but given the quality was there I think it was worth it. A great option if you happen to be in the area, I'd come here mostly for the food but also have no complaints about the beers.“
DeanF 349 days ago
70 /100 550 SHERLING PL #2140
“Went on opening day but it was completely packed. A large tasting room, friendly staff and eager locals boosting their product which is a new one for me. Good service and I'd wager, after chatting with a colleague who attended with me, that these are probably the best beers in the area east of Brewer's Row. For what that's worth. Probably of limited appeal to those further west but it's a decent stop with good brews.“
DeanF 559 days ago
68 /100 550 SHERLING PL #2140
“A bit tricky to find, in the back of an industrial plaza. Big open warehouse, with not much character. Nice staff with 4oz pours of anything they have. Reasonably priced and ok beer. Worth a stop if you are in the area.“
Ferris 563 days ago
64 /100 570 SHERLING AVENUE #2150
“Another standard open air tasting room in a new industrial park. Service was friendly enough, a few beers are okay and many aren't. Didn't try the food. A little pricier than other places of this type. Okay stop.“
DeanF 866 days ago
68 /100 #402 1485 COAST MERIDIAN ROAD,
“Set in an industrial area rather far from anything, this is a standard tasting room setup. Beers are jit and miss, service is friendly enough, and you get free pretzels with every flight! Not a bad stop but rather out there - the bus stop is along the highway which makes for a rather uncomfortable walk to the place.“
DeanF 866 days ago
66 /100 570 SHERLING AVENUE #2150
“A large warehouse and industrial tap room. A bit too cavernous and sparse. Service was OK, but not really all that pleasant. Large selection of beers of varying quality. Flights and wifi available. If you are in the area not a bad stop, but not worth a specific trip.“
Ferris 911 days ago
30 /100 570 SHERLING AVENUE #2150
“Another brewery in a strip mall, just a few minutes drive from Taylight. Comfortable, but somewhat grungy tasting room. Almost a dozen beers on tap, and most of them were disgusting - infected, poorly constructed and seemingly old. It's unacceptable serving such vile products - so much diacetyl in the IIPAs. Some of the worst beer in the Greater Vancouver area, and that's saying something. Update: they’ve improved a bit. Most of the beers are drinkable now, though they did serve up a few “wtf’s”. Another update: I ordered a flight of a bunch of imperial dark beers and everything was disgusting -- laughable undrinkable. After over 2 years, they still haven't gotten their shit together and are selling total garbage. One of the worst breweries in Greater Vancouver.“
mcberko 923 days ago
64 /100 #402 1485 COAST MERIDIAN ROAD,
“A big warehouse with a comfortable tasting room, located in a strip mall. They had about a dozen beers on tap, with flights of 4 x 4 oz. pours foro $7 (incl. tax). Beers are hit-or-miss, with a few pretty solid ones, a few undrinkable ones, and mostly mediocre ones. Friendly service. A nice way to kick off the PoCo beer scene.“
mcberko 923 days ago
72 /100 #402 1485 COAST MERIDIAN ROAD,
“A nice airy spot in a stripmall. Typical warehouse based brewery with a tasting room out front. Service was decent and selection good enough for a couple of reasonable priced flights. For a new brewery solid with no complaints.“
Ferris 946 days ago