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60 /100 31 WATER STREET
“Was at bridal Veil Falls in Kagawong, and saw that Gore Bay was only 15km down to he road, so off we went to visit Split Rail. Near the water, some spectacular views nearby. A lovely small patio out front, and a cute little bar inside with some games and loads of merch. Tours are offered, this is a small brewery. They had 5 beers available on tap, and 3 available in bottles. The styles are very very safe and conservative, but they are well made which was a plus. I shared a flight of 3 beers with my wife, bought a glass and a t shirt and off we went.. Place was busy, but the staff were very attentive and friendly. A must if in Gore Bay..“
robinvboyer 1151 days ago
70 /100 31 WATER STREET
“Worth hunting this place down. Dropped in a few days ago to buy some bottles. Selection was limited & very conservative: nothing hoppy, tart or inventive. Which is odd because the island is a bit off the mainstream & they clearly serve people with diverse hometowns & palates & yet they still handcuff themselves to these conservative & safe beers. But still, they brew well. Service was slow (they were sorta busy). Would’ve loved to talk to the people there about their brewery or lounge on the patio but my toddler was two inches away from tantrum mode. Well worth the visit.“
Freaky_tiki 1187 days ago
80 /100 31 WATER STREET
“You really don't "happen" upon this place...just like you don't "happen" upon Manitoulin Island...neither are really on the way to any place else (except maybe metaphysically...lol!)...they are both end of the road destinations...and those roads are not found by everyone. But trust me...Manitoulin Island is a very special place (even more so when arriving on the Chi-Cheemaun)...and worth the effort to get there. That Split Rail even exists here...and seems to do well...is a testament to there efforts and the special nature of the island. Once you actually get to Manitoulin...you still have a bit of a ride to Gore Bay...but worth the effort. The brewery is very close to the water...and recently added a great patio. Inside...nice décor...very friendly staff...and some decorations unique to Manitoulin. The staff was nice enough to give us a tour of the brewery...which we very much appreciated. The beers are very good, if limited in numbers. The oatmeal stout is excellent...and the hawberry ale...made from a local bitter berry...is a must try. There was also an amber ale and a copper lager. My only regret was our limited time to spend at Split Rail...and need to press on with exploring the island.“
PRBeer 1257 days ago
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