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74 /100 117 N. MAIN STREET UNIT A
“Last stop Main st Brighton, but plenty of free street parking. Not busy at 9pm. Decent sized space. 10 taps, 3 sizes, including 5oz samples. Service good, beer quality above average.“
bytemesis 576 days ago
74 /100 117 N. MAIN STREET UNIT A
“Decent ambiance with (mostly) shitty music, a dozen barstools, 7-8 tables and additional seating along a narrow hallway. The service was sufficient. 11 beers on tap with lots of adjuncts and experimentation. A little pricy on the tasters, especially for this area.“
ajnepple 1881 days ago
84 /100 117 N. MAIN STREET UNIT A
“Located right in the middle of downtown Brighton, Something has a welcoming taproom. Up front is the bar with some tables. Walking past that reveals an Xbox set up in the hall way and a back room with a small arcade. The whole place is clean and comfortable. I'm not sure about the beer list. I drink a wide, wide variety of stuff but they seemed to go heavy on things I don't prefer e.g., fruit, honey, and vanilla. There were six fruit beers on, two honey beers, a hazy IPA, and a vanilla beer. That left me with a cacao porter which was really good, so fine. Prices and service were good on my visit. There isn't a ton going on in the Brighton beer scene so this is certainly worth checking out.“
NachlamSie 1924 days ago
62 /100 117 N. MAIN STREET UNIT A
“Randomly stopped here on the way back from Greeley on a Saturday afternoon. This place was completely packed. Fairly small, simple, and straightforward taproom, with some odd decorating choices, such as the astroturf on the bartop. The bartender was clearly overworked, but he at least noticed my presence and got me a beer pretty quickly. About 10 taps of their own beer, and a gluten-free option from Holidaily. $2.50 for a taster, and $5 for a pint is pretty good value. Still, the beer is pretty poor, so this place is nice, but still not worth the visit.“
GTAEgeek 2127 days ago
74 /100 170 S MAIN ST
“Kind of neat little hippie style bar featuring one to two of their own brews at a given time. The one I had wasn’t very good. The upside is that they have a pretty sweet bottle and can collection. Maybe 15 micro cans and 40 micro bottles: 90 minute, 3 bear republic, 4 fort collins, 3 alaskan, 3 boulevard, 4 great divide, 3 crabtree, etc. Tap list is about fifteen long and fairly uninspiring though they did have a CB & Potts porter on tap which was a little strange. Overall lame homebrews but good bottle/can collection that I wish was present at my go to bars in foco.“
cubs 4348 days ago
64 /100 170 S MAIN ST
“I happened to be in Brighton this weekend and stumbled upon this place - kind of a hip little hangout that seems totally out of place in this town - small garage space converted into a pub area - industrial, loft-ish feel inside - small patio with a grill, which is apparently where they make food (there is no proper kitchen, but they do serve some food) - only two house-made beers on tap, which is kind of lame considering that it seems like they have enough equipment to be much more productive than that - the rest of the taps are comprised of regional micros - nothing exciting, but quality offerings from Great Divide, Odell, etc. - House made beers were only two bucks a pint, which, coming from Denver, certainly floored me - tried the two beers - the porter was very tasty, but the blonde was off - definitely a locals place - I was the only person in there that did not seem to be on a first name basis with the waitstaff and other patrons - still, they were friendly - this is not a place I would come back to, but Brighton is certainly lucky to have it.“
notalush 4424 days ago
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