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54 /100 1209 E MAIN ST
“Good food and great prices. Very limited beer selection and traditional styles. What we had was good.“
jb 976 days ago
76 /100 21 E MAIN ST
“Liked this place. Wide variety and some interesting styles. Good service though did not ask any beer questions of them. Did not try food. Would go back.“
jb 976 days ago
“I'm so glad I stopped by this place. Beers were great and sorry I wasted time at the Main Street Brewery earlier in the day. How was this place not on my vacation radar spot as a must visit. I tried 4 beers and they were all great and took a bottle home. Stop here if in the area.“
hopdog 1033 days ago
60 /100 21 E MAIN ST
“Was in town for another reason and had to kill time so why not a Brew Pub. Not busy but slow service (good thing I had time to kill). Decent amount of beers on tap but just average to below average. Food was blah. One and done visit for me.“
hopdog 1034 days ago
“what a great place. great decorations, including a cool hop light, tasty and interesting food. but most important, excellent beer! if you're ever in Cortez, do yourself a favor and go here, and absolutely ignore the other two breweries. you'll be glad you did!“
dwyerpg 1236 days ago
78 /100 21 E MAIN ST
“Nice selection of beers brewed on premises. Standard brewpub atmosphere, good food selection. Had samplers of the Maibock, Scottish, Doppel, and porter. All were good - worth trying all of their selection (if I could!), but nothing stood out as exceptional. Food was really good - burgers were excellent!“
sdcourtney 2157 days ago
58 /100 21 E MAIN ST
“Standard tourist-town non-corporate brewpub. Service is OK, range of beers is a bit weird. Food is a disappointment, by and large, though not terrible. Beer is a bit better, but not spectacular. If you’re in town for one night, I’d give this a miss and go to the slightly more corporate-feeling Destination Grill to find better food at lower prices and a few local taps.“
OldMrCrow 2282 days ago
64 /100 21 E MAIN ST
“Standard brewpub. The beer is all incredibly dry, which works well with the German styles they make. The non-German stuff ranges from dull (American Wheat et al) to terrible (IPA). They have a whole range of behind-the-bar blends available for some reason. The food was typical bar fare but was executed a bit better than normal. Stay away from the honey rootbeer, it is undrinkable.“
puzzl 3520 days ago
82 /100 21 E MAIN ST
“Typical brewpub. The green chili soup was excellent. Would go back for that if I’m ever in the neighbourhood again. I had the pale export, which I liked. I also had the doppelbock, but that was far too sweet in my opinion.“
jvdijk99 3661 days ago
62 /100 21 E MAIN ST
“Decent bar with a typical American atmosphere. Friendly service.“
Beershine 3880 days ago
32 /100 1209 E MAIN ST
“You don’t need to go here. It’s a converted chain restaurant, looks like an old iHop building from the outside and in and has the spirit to boot. The servers are friendly enough but the place is completely uninspired. The house beers (as Coyote Brewing) are an afterthought at best, and no one drinks ’em.“
Beershine 3880 days ago
56 /100 21 E MAIN ST
“Not the best not the worst. Beer selection is very odd, and not the best brews. Shouold go there if in town not a place to drive to if not already intown“
beerstars 4171 days ago
84 /100 21 E MAIN ST
“An outstanding find in the oft-neglected southwest corner of Colorado. Superb brewpub feel. There are few guest taps nothing worth drinking. Styles brewed here are unusual and ambitious but cant shake the extract flavor. They also love them some blending. Service is top-notch if they look closed, just ask they may not be!“
ajm 5006 days ago
76 /100 21 E MAIN ST
“Sep 06: How can I be the first guy to rate this place?! Wow! Slightly out in the middle of nowhere, this is a super find. We loved the unique, huge round-the-wall mural in this street-front bar/restaurant. The service was friendly, although the bartender seemed a little too stressed out when thte computer register fritzed out on him (and there were only like 4 people in the place at 3 pm ... what would he have done at the dinner rush!?). They had at least 8 house-brewed beers ... all were above the average bar .. and although they also had 4 guest taps for Macrocrap and Imports, the signage above the bar disparaged them appropriately! The appetizer we had was served warm and scrumptious. Only 10 minutes from the entrance to the national treasure of Mesa Verde Nat’l Park, this is a must stop if you are in SW Colorado.“
Braudog 5718 days ago
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