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70 /100 18921 PLAZA DRIVE, UNIT 104
“Pretty big bar in a strip mall. Open ceilings and standard brewery decor. The bartender was friendly and enthusiastic, and clearly invested in the beers and brewery. A pretty fun spread of styles, with quite a few seasonals and specials. The pizza looked tasty, but I didn't have any. This is a fun spot with good beer. Worth the stop!“
GTAEgeek 996 days ago
70 /100 18595 MAINSTREET SUITE 100
“Great neighboorhood craft beer bar/restaurant if I lived in the immediate area. Horrible parking as it's basically in the first floor of a hotel/apartment complex with a few other businesses. Super crowded even on a Wednesday. A really great selection of Colorado beers that I definitely would never find in a store and reasonably priced. The food was good but expensive. Service was great. Honestly not somewhere I would seek out but if I am in Parker, it's a good spot, providing I can walk or go at an unusual time.“
rennat42 1067 days ago
82 /100 19340 COTTONWOOD DR.
“I was not expecting this place to be a legit great brewery (rather than just a restaurant with just a few tanks attached). They focus on brewing beer which pairs very well with Mexican food. That means an emphasis on lighter and/or tart / fruity beers. That said, they do those beers - at least the ones I had - amazingly well. The dark lager, for example, I would put up against Bierstadt's - and I thought Bierstadt's was one of the best lagers I've had. Fruity beers which express fruit flavors I usually don't see in beer, everything spot-on - this place is great as a brewery. And the food is pretty spectacular, too. If you like delicious food and beer, you really need to go here. Awesome job. Possibly the best place for beer in the southern suburbs.“
WestCoastHawkeye 1118 days ago
74 /100 18425 PONY EXPRESS DR #125
“Would echo what GTAEgeek said (although think he was a bit harsh on the rating). Lots of styles where the focus is malt (best beer I had was a Scottish ale with a hint of peat from the malts). Standard craft brewery "warehouse in a strip mall" decor. Beer was solid towards good. Not a place I'd go out of my way for, but a good addition to the southern Denver-area beer scene.“
WestCoastHawkeye 1119 days ago
72 /100 18921 PLAZA DRIVE, UNIT 104
“Good beer garden, although during COVID times everyone was indoors and maskless for some reason. The beer here is fine, but not worth going out of your way for (especially in the Denver area).“
WestCoastHawkeye 1257 days ago
62 /100 18425 PONY EXPRESS DR #125
“Small space in the corner of a strip mall. Nifty copper top bar, but the rest of the space has an industrial, minimal feel. The bartender was quick and friendly, and knew her beer and the regulars. The taps were nicely varied, and there were a couple gems. $5 pints, and $6 flights of four, so the prices are hard to beat. It’s nice to find a place that doesn’t think every beer has to be hopped up, but seems to revel in malt expression. This is not the best hangout, but the beer is pretty good.“
GTAEgeek 2680 days ago
74 /100 9749 S PARKER RD
“This store has the best selection in parker. I also believe that their prices are the best going in town. About 1-1.50 more per 6 pack then Lucas, but that’s convenience I guess. Staff is helpful. I requested a hop vodka and they special ordered it for me. Rewards program is a joke for beer, but it’s better than nothing.“
foosnbrews 3792 days ago
34 /100 9749 S PARKER RD
“New review: I went in this past weekend after word hit that Pliny hit and asked for some. After beer guy #1 hassled me about my selection (saying Pliny is way overrated and there’s so many other better IPAs), beer guy #2 brought me 2 bottles of Pliny. One was bottled in February (6 mos. old) and another in April (4 mos. old). I refused the bottles and beer guy #2 told me that the age won’t affect the the beer at all. I called his BS and he went away only to come back a few minutes later to say he found some fresh bottles. I took the fresh ones and beer guy #1 came back to me to hassle me about whether I was trading it or drinking it myself. I told him I was drinking it and he said the old bottles were leftovers from previous shipments. He then told me that it’s OK that they’re old because someone will buy them just because the label says Pliny. Shady. This place has a good selection and has good prices for the area but I will be avoiding a place that’s harassing their regulars, trying to lie to customers, and trying to rip off people by peddling old beer. I would advise you to do the same. Hit up Libations, Cornerstar, or Jordan Liquors for a better buying experience.“
nolimitnsb 3970 days ago
90 /100 9749 S PARKER RD
“About 15+/- feet of bombers, great selection, very fair prices.“
Denverdiv 4157 days ago
82 /100 9749 S PARKER RD
“The biggest build-your-own six pack selection in the Parker area. They have four cooler racks to choose from to make a $9.99 six pack. Their bomber selection is solid. They had two Russian River options, several Dogfish picks including 120 minute IPA, some Belgian imports, and the best price on Avery and Great Divide bombers around.“
darm0v 4361 days ago
74 /100 9749 S PARKER RD
“Pretty good. But they don’t seem rotate selection that often. Also there is one grumpy woman who is a checker. “
fotusficken 4710 days ago
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