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72 /100 242 F ST
“Big place at the edge of downtown away from the river. Very wide open interior, great on a good weather day, with an L-shaped bar and restaurant tables in a different room. The description that compared it to a Mellow Mushroom is spot on. Large patio too with umbrella covered tables. Large variety of beer styles for the area and decent flavor; Pizza was just OK. Worth a look but OK to skip too.“
Travlr 787 days ago
70 /100 248 W RAINBOW BLVD
“On the busy main street that runs north of town, away from the main tourist area. Good size taproom, small tall bar with a few stools, o/w it's restaurant tables. Small patio has a food truck that I think is permanent. Beers were OK. Can get crowded. Large parking lots, so that's no problem. Worth a look if you have time.“
Travlr 788 days ago
84 /100 118 N E STREET
“Just a block from the river, away from the main tourist street. Very open interior with a window that overlooks the hills. Restaurant tables inside, medium sized bar mainly for serving, handful of chairs on the sidewalk and a gutter deck. Beers are very tasty, definitely above average, available in flights of four. Strict rules re: kids and dogs are posted - I love it. Occasional food person in a small booth in the corner - the banh mi guy, King Kangs Curry, was fantastic. Worthwhile stop.“
Travlr 789 days ago
70 /100 220 N F STREET
“Nice small storefront in the downtown area. High ceilings and wooden shelving give it a nice, old west feeling. The beer is hidden away in the back in coolers, though. The employees are friendly and helpful. The selection is poor, although it appears to be the best in the area. Fun store, and worth shopping if you're stuck in the area.“
GTAEgeek 1612 days ago
68 /100 228 N F ST
“Nice riverside restaurant. It was a busy night, but the wait staff were friendly and not too slow. The beer selection is mostly local stuff, and pretty interesting. The food was very tasty. A good stop in Salida for good food and good beer.“
GTAEgeek 1613 days ago
68 /100 242 F ST
“Big pizzeria on the edges of downtown. Odd decor, similar to a Mellow Mushroom. The wait staff were quick and friendly. Mostly their own beers on tap, with a good spread of styles and seasonal offerings. The pizza is delicious and hearty. Great pizza place, with some quality beer.“
GTAEgeek 1613 days ago
64 /100 127 F ST
“Nice spot downtown, with a well lit, eclectic ambiance. It was MLK weekend, and the servers were clearly overworked. Order at the bar, and there's limited table service. Only 10 taps, and just four of them are their own brews. No tasters or short pours offered. The pizza was fantastic, though. Worth the visit for the food, and the beer is a nice addition.“
GTAEgeek 1613 days ago
78 /100 228 N F ST
“This is a relatively fancy by Salida standards restaurant. Lots of open air seating is located riverside which we partook of. The beer list is pretty good, especially for this area. You'll see a good amount of regional stuff which they seem to rotate. Seems like a dinner spot more than anything else.“
NachlamSie 1680 days ago
68 /100 242 F ST
“This place seems to sell a lot of pizza. They were just jamming during our visit with take out and dine in. There was a short list of quality guest taps along with three house beers. The blonde and amber were pretty rough around the edges. There's a small bar inside and a giant mural on one wall.“
NachlamSie 1680 days ago
84 /100 248 W RAINBOW BLVD
“Soulcraft is just over a mile south of downtown on the main highway through Salida. They've got a pretty decent sized tasting room with a long bar, a patio, and plenty of table seating. Ambiance is old people mountain town, but certainly comfortable. There's only one other brewery in town and this is definitely the superior one. They also offer six packs to go at a very reasonable price, something I'd partake in more often if other breweries followed suit. A nice selection of beers was available and everything I drank was solid.“
NachlamSie 1691 days ago
68 /100 242 F ST
“I enjoyed the layout and open air atmosphere, though we sat inside as the patio was full. The pizza was good and the beers fine, though none really stood out. Great service.“
BeerandBlues2 2182 days ago
70 /100 248 W RAINBOW BLVD
“A decent stop in Salida along the main highway, just outside of the historic downtown area. We sat at the bar and sampled a few beers, all of good quality. There was a food truck outside serving up Vietnamese dishes. I suspect the brewery did not expect the amount of business as they only had one person working and the line for beer often reached back to the door.“
BeerandBlues2 2182 days ago
66 /100 248 W RAINBOW BLVD
“The few beers I tried were solid. Unfortunately this place lacks the ambiance that might be found in a central Salida location, but it does have a comfortable patio. Service was very friendly, and ten or so beers on A few bottles were available. if you have a free evening in Salida, make a stop here.“
JK 2386 days ago
70 /100 248 W RAINBOW BLVD
“Quality fermentation for the most part, showing good use of hops and brett at least, and their IPA continues to be worthy of a full glass. Comfortable open setting with a small patio, food trucks, live music. Bottles are available at local liquor stores and from draft at some places in Salida and Buena Vista.“
3fourths 2509 days ago
78 /100 127 F ST
“Amicas was closed for a remodel during my last visit to Salida so it's been a while. The interior is sleek and clean, a contrast to most of the other watering holes in town. They're serving up neopolitan pizza though I did not partake. Part of the remodel/reopening involved the end of the brewery side of things. The former brewer evidently now runs Soulcraft who contract brews a few things for Amicas. The beer list wasn't particularly innovative but it was extensive and of good quality which is more important to me.“
NachlamSie 2955 days ago
50 /100 242 F ST
“Expect 7-8 different recipes from this Salida pizza restaurant’s homebrew setup, but don’t expect anything of high quality. Of the seven I tried, only one was drinkable (White IPA), but still I would order a half pint and be good with that. It’s nice to see attempts at Old Ale and Baltic Porter, though neither were executed well. Weekend evenings they have live music in the parking lot, and I imagine the limited seating fills up fast. I can’t say anything about the pizza, which is their focus more than beer, so it might be a worthy pie, but for beer I will not visit again.“
3fourths 3285 days ago
46 /100 228 N F ST
“Dive bar with a horrible bathroom. But nice open air seating over the river.Service was friendly but very slow. Solid bar food; tacos were good. Not much for a beer selection, but lots of old tap handles on display so they seem to rotate selection.“
JK 3569 days ago
76 /100 228 N F ST
“Nice bar with solid beer election and good food, right on the river. Patio opens up literally right above the river. Food is very decent and the service friendly. There isn’t a whole lot in salida but this is a very good place!“
Jimmythespoon 3612 days ago
66 /100 242 F ST
“Great place to stop for pizza and beer. Their beers are good, selection a little limited. Their pizzas are very good. The service was excellent and they were knowledgeable about their beers. Friendly atmosphere, with a nice outdoor seating area perfect for late afternoon and early evenings.“
bitterbrewer 3897 days ago
60 /100 127 F ST
“more popular to townsfolk as a pizzeria than a brewery. small bar up front, 5-6 beer on tap, 1-2 seasonals/specials. busy at lunchtime on a friday. didn’t eat. drank a double ipa next to some locals with moustaches.“
3fourths 4635 days ago
88 /100 127 F ST
“Great pizza and beer joint. Fun atmosphere, great beers with a decent house selection. Nice experimental varieties like the Green Chile Ale. If you are hanging out or passing through Salida this is a great stop.“
soul11man 4692 days ago
100 /100 127 F ST
“The pizzas are great and the beers are very good. Service has always been superb. Prices don’t break the bank either.“
performula 4728 days ago
68 /100 127 F ST
“Located downtown in a surprisingly vibrant area. Very busy when we were there mid-week in August 2010. Like a few before me noted, the ordering/seating process is a bit confusing but once you get the hang of it you’re ok. Large pizza list and 6-8 house beers. The pizza was very good and the IPA and oaked/smoked porter were solid. Purchased a chili beer to go-yet to have it. Overall a good experience and the service was good once seated. Recommended.“
bleeng 5055 days ago
72 /100 127 F ST
“Busy little funky joint in the small town of Salida, nested between the Sawatch and Sangre de Cristo Ranges of Colorado. A little chaotic when you first walk in, as there’s a strange system of getting your seat, then returning to the entrance to place you order. Other than that, service was perfectly fine and everyone was friendly. Beer selection is limited to just the house’s own brews, but there were 6 or 7 different styles on tap when I stopped in. Great beers, everything available in a growler for just over $11. Starting to bottle their beers, but tonight only the green chile was available in a bomber. Expanded bottling and distribution would be awesome! Back on point -- food is as good as just about any you’ll find in a brewpub, where beer should be the star. Goat cheese wood-fired pizza in rural(ish) Colorado? Sweet! A little pricey, but good quality stuff costs a bit more when you get away from the big city. If you’re ever in Salida, whether hiking or just passing through, be sure to eat and drink at Amicas!“
bblack99 5063 days ago
86 /100 127 F ST
“Fun place in this small town. Good beers, great food and service.“
Alerider 5396 days ago
66 /100 127 F ST
“Small local brewpub. Good selection of beer on tap (7 brews). Food was very good. Value and service were decent. Bartenders and waitstaff were busy but attentive and friendly. Didn’t really like the set-up of ordering before you sat down though. Green Chile beer and Headwaters IPA were very good.“
jb43 5501 days ago
84 /100 127 F ST
“Really enjoyed my stop here this past summer. Solid ales. Cool atmosphere, friendly service. I was there when they opened and a large line formed behind me. The locals obviously love this place, I would to. Amicas is an impressive establishment.“
Crosling 5931 days ago
58 /100 127 F ST
“Quaint, nearly upscale brewery and eatery tucked in a sleepy little town. The interior is very nicely decorated with local artwork. Nice selection of 7 house beers on draught along with a wonderful wood-oven baked pizza. This is a nice watering hole stuck in central Colorado.“
BeerandBlues2 6077 days ago
80 /100 127 F ST
“While hunting around Colorado for a landing spot, we discovered Amicas in Salida Colorado. It was part of our decision to move to the area. The IPA is a great session beer. Pizza, hot sandwiches, and the like are all good, but the lactose intolerant would do well to bring their lactase enzyme pills. :-) Lots of cheese throughout the tasty menu.“
AndrewKoransky 6439 days ago
80 /100 127 F ST
“Sep 06: This is a groovy little place in a quiet town away from the rush in Colorado. They just have a tiny little bar and I’d say the emphasis is on their wood-fired pizzas and other food. But they were pouring about 8 beers the day I visited, and for the most part they were pretty good. The restaurant is inside a restored older building with a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. Definitely worth the drive.“
Braudog 6481 days ago
78 /100 127 F ST
“Nice place in a neat, up-and-coming town. Passing through sleepy Salida one could easily mistaken the area for being desolate with nothing to do. Head any which way into the mtns, though, and your options are endless. Anyway, this place offered welcome respite, with good food, good service, a comfortable atmosphere, and tasty beer (nothing over-the-top, but a lot of drinkable stuff). Prices were very reasonable, too. With so many fourteeners in the area that I’ve yet to climb, I’m sure I’ll be back.“
Aubrey 6864 days ago
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