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66 /100 141, AVENUE BELZILE
“In a large older building, small bar at walk-in basement level and scattered tables. Dark and even a bit claustrophobic inside, but there were outdoor tables also. Half dozen or so beer on offer, flights of five in un-sexy 4 ounce glasses. Beers were OK. Food seemed to be sandwiches, nothing looked exciting enough for me to order. Staff were friendly. Parking was tough, lots of restrictions; the lot at the large apartment building facing the sea had three different kinds of color coded spots, two of which needed permits and one that was free (I think) for two hours. No dogs or kids present during my brief stay. OK but missable.“
Travlr 105 days ago
“Passed by as we were heading toward the east coast, picked a few ones from Gaspé, almost got a rare one (received three days later), worth the stop.“
azzurro 1215 days ago
78 /100 141, AVENUE BELZILE
“Passed by, wanted to get something substantial for supper as we tasted their selection, unfortunately the food side is limited, which impeded us to try their beer on site.“
azzurro 1215 days ago
64 /100 141, AVENUE BELZILE
“Dans la moyenne“
LovibondChalice20 1572 days ago
70 /100 141, AVENUE BELZILE
“A small pub downtown with a lot of regulars and a few tourist were present when I visited. 6-8 house beers and 2 guests were available. I’ve tried all of the houses and wasn’t much impress by their beers. The brewery is super small I don’t know how they can keep up with demand is such small brewing gear. Service was offered with a smile and super fast but run by a single soul, so only offered at the bar.“
punkska101 1886 days ago
“Bonne sélection de bière situé dans une station service. Presque tout les choix de bière de la région de la gaspésie et du bas-st-laurent. Dépanneur avec le plus de choix a Rimouski. J’ai déjà vu mieux mais c’est passable!“
cargo150 3212 days ago
62 /100 141, AVENUE BELZILE
“Lors de ma visite, le service faisait dur. La seule serveuse qui y était, semblait plus préoccupée par jaser avec ses amis au bar qu’à servir les quelques clients qui y étaient. Un moment donné, elle s’est mise au travail. L’ambiance est toutefois intéressante. Des endroits isolés un peu partout dans un demi sous-sol. Bonne sélection, au moins 10 bières différentes sinon plus. Je n’ai rien mangé.“
AlainG 3312 days ago
“The best of the two beer stores in Rimouski, more central than the other one (Dépanneur Sacré-Cœur) but not fun to shop at, cramped and disorganized. But what’s important is they get a few of the more limited releases. Nothing comparable to the stores in and around Montreal and Quebec City, many western Quebec micros don’t make it that far east, but I’m pretty certain Jessop has the best selection east of Quebec City. Oh, and by the way, this is yet again a gas station with a convenience store that has a craft beer section, seems like all beer stores in eastern Quebec are gas stations with a convenience store that has a craft beer section.“
Glouglouburp 3321 days ago
“There are two craft beer stores in Rimouski. This one is the first one you will encounter when entering the town from the west (99.9% of visitors come from the west). It is a gas station with a room dedicated to craft beer with an entrance to this isolated section that reads something like “Paradis De La Bière” (beer paradise). It is kind of cute and the displays are more fun to browse than the disorganized other store (Jessop) but Jessop was the first craft beer store in town and it still gets some more limited releases that Sacré-Coeur doesn’t get. Beer geeks (or what is the closest to beer geeks in Rimouski) all shop at Jessop, Jessop gets more stuff and the turnaround is faster. Basically I go to Dépanneur Sacré-Cœur when I want something that is sold-out at Jessop in hope that they may still have it here.“
Glouglouburp 3321 days ago
58 /100 141, AVENUE BELZILE
“Visited in the summer of 2012. The decor was great,the choices of beers was good to. The service was bad,very bad.We got our first beer fast enough and said we would be having super to but had not decided on what for now,plus we wanted to taste one or two other beers.Well the girl just walked past us even when we tried to get her attention.So we paid our beer and left.To bad but bad service is bad service.“
LadySusan 3598 days ago
68 /100 141, AVENUE BELZILE
“Visité le 23 août 2012 vers 19h30. Bel endroit situé sur une rue débouchant au bord du fleuve, chaleureux et décemment meublé. Ambiance musicale loungy bien agréable. Un service timide, mais courtois et rapide. 6 bières en fut offertes (5 ce soir-là, la 6ième étant épuisée...) et quelques bouteilles d’autres micros . De petits en-cas de charcuteries, olives et autres croustilles sont offerts. Non goûtés. Prix raisonnables. J’y retournerai. Si je repasse par Rimouski!“
GarnotingPete 3693 days ago
44 /100 141, AVENUE BELZILE
“Visited for the first time July 9, 2012. My expectations were not high for their beer, but not for the service. A college like basement pub, very small. I wish I had dinner there and drink two beers, but after receiving the first beer, the waitress told me she will come back to see us, but she did not return. But she only went to tables where the glass were empty, I guess making cheese plates and charcuterie it was too dificult for her. I’ll think about going back there, if I want to!“
Quevillon 3734 days ago
66 /100 141, AVENUE BELZILE
“The place is pretty cool, relaxing. You can hace fun in this place with friends, good ambiance. The beer is ok, drinkable, but not the greatest. I tasted every one of them and only the Pie VII hold my attention. The price are in the average, servce is good, friendly. A good place in Rimouski, if you ever pass by.“
sicham 4344 days ago
64 /100 141, AVENUE BELZILE
“Stopped in here on the drive from Quebec City to Campbellton to visit my parents. Very smell place, but welcoming. Appies only, no full meals. Seven beers on tap, one of which is a non-alcoholic brew. Tasting tray available. I also bought a pint glass. Very friendly and helpful staff.“
DuffMan 4482 days ago
66 /100 141, AVENUE BELZILE
“Établissement visité le samedi 30 janvier vers 19h. Ambiance: Jolie combinaison de couleur et de boiserie. Tableaux à vendre sur les murs. Musique du monde. Bizarrement l’endroit est désert pour un samedi soir. Service: Attentionné sans plus. Sélection: Lors de notre passage, 7 bières maisons étaient disponible dont une bière sans alcool. Nourriture: Rien pris mais on trouve trois plateaux thématiques soit fromage, poissons fumées et charcuteries. (142e rating d’établissement)“
TaktikMTL 4614 days ago
72 /100 141, AVENUE BELZILE
“Un autre arrêt lors de mon voyage en Gaspésie. Situé un peu en retrait par rapport au nightlife infernal de Rimouski, le petit pub encastré dans un demi sous-sol est fort chaleureux et audacieux en soi. Sauront-ils résister à la récession et au marasme économique ? Ils le méritent, en tout cas; les bières sont goûteuses et intéressantes, et on remarque vite qu’on a affaire à de bonnes bières artisanales de qualité. Excellents petits hors-d’oeuvres, en plus. Arrêtez-y, STOP BY! It’s a really nice little pub in the region. Own-made interesting beers. Nice side orders!“
bedainedebiere 4980 days ago
“This is as good as it gets for a beer store in the Rimouski area. Closest other decent beer store is in Matane, 1 hour away. They have lots of Quebec micros here, but perhaps not the rare beers. This is located in an Esso gas station’s convenience store, so it’s quite easy to drive by. It’s nothing special for one that’s been through Montreal’s or Quebec City’s best stores, but it may be your best if you are visiting the Bas-St-Laurent region.“
MartinT 5222 days ago
64 /100 141, AVENUE BELZILE
“This brand new brewpub seats about 50 in a small room, surrounded by pictures of the building’s and the pub’s construction. There are aiming for 6 house beers at all times, with 5 regulars and 1 seasonal. All 4 I had that day were unpretentious, unfiltered, unpasteurized, hybrid stylings brewed with the ingredients they can get some were successful, others not, but these were all first batches. If you are hungry, they have olives, nuts, cheeses, meats and a vegetarian platter. For now, it seems like the people in Rimouski are going to have a cool place to hang out and drink a few smooth homebrews.“
MartinT 5222 days ago
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