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84 /100 120, RUE DE LA PLAGE
“Visited on August 3, 2018, just before noon. Located just off the main street, towards the beach, the brewpub is in a lovely converted house. There is plenty of parking, except if there is an event like that day. There is a lot of space in side for its size, quite comfortable, with a nice patio out front. Very good service, friendly and knowledgeable. Quite a big tap list, with have being rare and tap only and they also have a good bottle list. Their beer are fairly well made. We were here for lunch and its menu is small but interesting, I had the chicken panini with curry mayo (very good). They also have a store on the parking side, of close press the buzzer, they a good selection of beers and merchandises. A very enjoyable place!“
Quevillon 1173 days ago
76 /100 120, RUE DE LA PLAGE
“I love their beers but when I went there the girl wasn’t really nice with us. Beer prices are maybe a little bit too much high. That’s a pity because I would like to buy more. In Europe they are so rarely to find and really expensive. My favorite beer is the Tante Tricotante.“
CharlyBeer 2385 days ago
76 /100 120, RUE DE LA PLAGE
“Un endroit peu connu et pas toujours ouvert, mais fort sympathique. Les produits sont excellent et gagnent à être connu.“
manul255 3229 days ago
72 /100 120, RUE DE LA PLAGE
“Visited August 1st 2012, holiday trip 2nd brewery. The place was 3/4 full around 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon; that was a good sign. Service was made by brewer’s wife. Brewer was on site. We had very precise info on beers available. There were only 6 beers on tap though. we tried 4 beers: 2 were good, one was very good (see my ratings) and one was awful. A double wit beer with Borealis spices. I think the brewer was trying an experience with local spices picked up in the forest. Aromas and taste were like past due meat and blood odors. The beer is called ’’Mirochipon’’ Do not try this beer if you go there. The three of us could’nt finish there glass. I hope the brewer will abandon his experience. Besides that all other beers were good and service was excellent. They also have a boutique were you can buy there products and promotional gadgets. Food is fairly good also.“
dandeman 3362 days ago
76 /100 120, RUE DE LA PLAGE
“Nice place, friendly staff, good selection on this "journée de la bière de St-Gédéon". Very pleasant passage in this charming bar.“
lefossoyeur 3368 days ago
78 /100 120, RUE DE LA PLAGE
“Bel endroit, situé à 5 minutes du Lac St-Jean. Bonne sélection de bières avec quelques-unes de saison. Bières dégustées étaient très bonne. La nourriture est excellentes, mais les prix un peu élevés. Il y a même une section réservée aux familles avec enfants.“
Whatup14 3415 days ago
94 /100 120, RUE DE LA PLAGE
“Petite place Relax, à 5 sec du Lac. Belle terrasse et très bonne sélection de bière. Chaleureux et amical. Le server Olivier Spénard surtout.“
rockyluke 3536 days ago
72 /100 120, RUE DE LA PLAGE
“This is a residential house that was converted into a brewery. The place looks really nice and the athmosphere is pleasant. The food and the service was good. Six beers were available in bottles and the overall quality of the beers was good.“
beerbuzzmontreal 4320 days ago
70 /100 120, RUE DE LA PLAGE
“One of the newcomer in the Quebec beer scene. I visited the pub while touring the Chicoutimi surrounding. The place is right on path of St-Gédéon beach which is a+ if you have kids. The sampled I had were all good there Belgian strong was the highlight. The interior is clean and well decorated“
punkska101 4443 days ago
74 /100 120, RUE DE LA PLAGE
“Établissement visité le dimanche 12 octobre vers 12h30. Extérieur un peu anonyme mais l’intérieur est superbe avec ses vieilles boiseries. Service: Très sympathique avec explication du menu bière et du brunch dominical. Sélection: Lors de mon passage 7 bières maisons étaient disponible. 4 en fût et 3 en bouteille. Nourriture: Le menu du dimanche midi est de type brunch. J’ai opté pour l’assiette Brunch de la micro. L’assiette comprend: oeuf, jambon, croissant, fromage, sauccises, fruits et truffes. (108e rating d’établissement)“
TaktikMTL 4751 days ago
74 /100 120, RUE DE LA PLAGE
“Located in a town you’d probably not visit were it not for the brewery, this pub has a charming interior. Well brought up convivial interior despite the modern construction. Excellent natural lighting and charming staff make the experience easy-going and very welcoming. Their regular beers can be bought in bottled forms for take-out, but they had a few others that could only be drank on the premises. Limited food menu, but appealing in its use of local cheeses. A strong yeast house character is present in all of their beers.“
Rastacouere 4755 days ago
72 /100 120, RUE DE LA PLAGE
“This brand new brewpub (one of many in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region) is located in a hamlet near Alma. Driving up to it, you will surely notice that the building looks like a normal house/personal residence, which is kind of odd for a pub. On the first floor of this house, you will find the pub. An open concept with nice wooden floors and furniture and lots of natural light. The kitchen area is the bar itself. They serve snacks and a pleasant brunch on Sundays from 10am to 2pm. The basement is where they brew and sell their wares. Upstairs in the pub, you can get 4 of their beers on tap and up to 7 beers (so far) from the bottle. Some of the beers they brew are only available from the bottle. Some can be taken home (the 4 regulars) and some have to be drunk at the brewpub. Everything I tried on this my first visit was well-brewed, if not a tad too yeasty in the case of the Belgian stylings. But all in all, this up-and-coming brewpub is a welcome addition to the burgeoning Québécois craft beer scene.“
MartinT 4760 days ago
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