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66 /100 NASH LEE ROAD,
“Review of online delivery. Ordering was simple with a wide selection (9) of there own beers. All available as single bottle purchases. Deliver was a bit high. Arrived quickly well packaged.“
Mr_Pink_152 1853 days ago
68 /100 NASH LEE ROAD,
“Visited early afternoon on Saturday 28th January 2017. The venue is a small barn like building just off the A413 about 4 miles outside of Aylesbury. The rear room is laid out with benches and tables set for the brewery visit ... you get a lunch and tasters and quite a few people were beginning to arrive for the 2pm session. I concentrated on the front building which houses the bar, a good half dozen gravity cask offerings including a seasonal and a special, allied to the bottle shop and various beer induced products such as sausages and bread. The prices were good, as you would hope for at a brewery ... £2.20/30 for a pint drink in or fill a plastic bottle to take away. There were a good ten or so bottled offerings for purchase, including some new limited edition stuff ... A white and black IPA, also some local wines, ciders and three different meads from Gosnells. Staff were very friendly and welcoming. A decent brewery shop!“
Theydon_Bois 2582 days ago
58 /100 NASH LEE ROAD,
“The tour was disappointing - the "tutored tasting session" was just an extended sales pitch for their beers, and the old guy doing it was really quite dull. The "tour" afterwards was over and done with in under ten minutes, without any of the usual sniffing the malt & hops). The fermentation tanks probably the highllight (unlike Chris O, they told us they were the two ends of an old Bass tank - I liked the fact that they were covered over with bedsheets!). On the plus side, the shop is fun with every type of beer tie in you can think of (and some you can’t - beer shampoo or hop aftershave anyone?!). The Barleywine cake was delicious, although ambitiously priced at £3.95. It was very enjoyable sitting at the outdoor tables afterwards with a pint of fresh cask ale.“
wheresthepath 5429 days ago
64 /100 NASH LEE ROAD,
“Didn’t do the brewery tour but have visited the shop on numerous occasions have have drunk their beers frequently. It’s quite a busy little shop in terms of the amount of stuff they stock which includes all of their bottled beers plus all sorts of other delicatessanty stuff made using their beer.Rated again Dec 2011 - I’ve been here a few times over the years, most recently early December 2011. Friendly and helpful staff and a good selection of their own beers on draught (usually 3-4 casks) they will offer tasters and about 10+ bottles from their range. There is a small selection of other producers products but this is only in the form of ciders and spirits, no other bottled beers. Possibly a bit twee for some but then these places have to appeal to all not just beer geeks.“
Fin 6337 days ago
66 /100 NASH LEE ROAD,
“Went for the brewery tour on New Years Eve which, in hindsight, wasn’t the best time to go as there was no brewing going on. Also, I don’t know whether the time of year had anything to do with it, but the tour was led by a lady who works there rather than the brewer, so she couldn’t really answer any detailed questions. And the talk over the tasting was really more like a sales pitch for the beer related products in the shop than an explanation of the beers. The most interesting thing was that the fermenters are made from a Nigerian Guinness conditioning tank cut in half. The shop is much as others have described it and an essential visit if you need the bottled beers (hence the score for Selection is higher than the numbers would suggest). Incidentally, Chiltern now run the bar at the historic Kings Head Inn in Aylesbury, which is probably worth a visit (although we didn’t) if in the area. Didn’t stay for lunch. The people are very nice, but the tour content left a lttle to be desired (hence I’ve marked down on service as I’m not quite sure how else to represent that). Overall, though, its quite an endearing place.“
chriso 6629 days ago
66 /100 NASH LEE ROAD,
“I enjoyed the tour and we opted to stay for their lunch, which includes sausages made with their beer by the better butchers of Oxford. The brewery is small and it is all located in what can be described most charitably as a comfortable shed. But the gift shop is quite nice and they have a full range of beers and other niceties like jam. Very nice people, too. A good destination for a country drive.“
Nuffield 6807 days ago
62 /100 NASH LEE ROAD,
“Chiltern brewery is worth a visit. The shop is impressive. They sell bread, cakes, marmalade, their own mustard (with beer). Special fruit wines, and all sorts of interesting things. Of course the also sell their bottled beers. Behind the counter you can also buy their beers strait from the cask (to sample or take home in a polypin). There are brewery tours on Saturday. Visit their website for info.“
Liberty 7134 days ago
56 /100 NASH LEE ROAD,
“Chiltern are a good brewery that make fine cask ales, however the bottled offerings are generally poor - average. Small brewery shop which only sells beer from the brewery. Take away containers from 2 or 3 casks set up behind the counter, various bottled beers, a few items of merchandise and a range of food items made from beer or beer ingredients. Some quality ciders from small producers are sold aswell as the Lurgashall range of mead and specialist wines. A small café is set at the back, I’m not sure if beer is sold in there or not. Tours are available.“
Joeh 7162 days ago
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