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70 /100 59 W CENTER ST
“This place is about food, not beer. There was a Bud truck out front when I pulled up. Bad sign. Nine, mostly mediocre, mostly local, beers on tap. The bottle list is macro. Plus 2 Lindemans. Service is solid. Attentive and friendly. Decor is boring. Prices are a bit on the high side. Food is outstanding.“
TheJester 2760 days ago
80 /100 480 QUEEN ST
“Decent selection and fair prices. They’ll let you grab a single from any pack too. My only gripe is that the staff doesn’t seem very knowledgeable, and often don’t know when they’ll be receiving releases. Check dates on IPAs, I’ve found more than my fair share of old bottles.“
Pisthetaerus 3368 days ago
70 /100 235 QUEEN ST
“Nice selection, helpful staff, but consistently more expensive than other stores in the area. I’ve also heard talk of them hoarding popular releases for "valued customers." The inability to mix a six is pretty disappointing too.“
Pisthetaerus 3368 days ago
70 /100 59 W CENTER ST
“Great food. Limited taps (9) but covered the range. As an IPA guy I would have liked more choices. “
jacquibob 3425 days ago
76 /100 235 QUEEN ST
“Nice selection. Terrible prices, especially on limited stuff ($13 for a bottle of 120 minute IPA, $60 for a bottle of bourbon that should be $45, etc.). There’s a place down the road that charges much less. However, their selection is good for CT, and some of the people who work there are really nice and helpful.“
jkwood04 3626 days ago
82 /100 480 QUEEN ST
“Very good spot in a very convenient are of the state, I-84 runs about 10 feet from the store in Southington. JK Wood is absolutely right about the prices, so much better than the store down the street. Inventory always seems to be fresh, have never gotten a bad bottle. The beer guy here is very friendly, loves to chat about beer and very helpful, once giving me a deal on a four pack of palate wrecker because it just arrived.“
beerfest5 3685 days ago
88 /100 480 QUEEN ST
“This place has the best prices in the entire state. Their beer guy really knows his stuff, and they always have cool beers available. Definitely recommended, especially since the value is so much better than the store down the street. For example, once, because of a distributor’s error or something, they had Breakfast Stout 4-packs for $7-8.“
jkwood04 3698 days ago
84 /100 59 W CENTER ST
“This place has some of the best barbecue I have had. Big smokey taste. Chris and the bartender were very friendly and knowledgeable in beer. More than six taps I think but I didn’t count. A great place overall.“
rocbyter 4356 days ago
74 /100 235 QUEEN ST
“This store has a decent selection of import and and crafts. Most of these are along a long beer row to the left hand side of the store. There are several coolers on the back wall where you can grab bomber bottles and six-packs but you cannot mix and match. The inability to mix and match is always a black mark as far as I am concerned. There were, however, several ready-made multi-packs so you would have to take what they pack in them. The pricves were moderate although the staff were friendly and made an effort to help me out.“
puboflyons 4481 days ago
76 /100 235 QUEEN ST
“one of the best in CT. LARGE liquor store roght off Queen St in Southington. A large selection of imports and craft beers, never had a truly amazing find or anything like that, but if its for sale in CT, it will be here no doubt about it.“
beerfest5 4662 days ago
84 /100 235 QUEEN ST
“solid place for CT, tons of stillwater and good belgian assortment for what we can get in ct. Def in the top 5 stores in the state. Too bad for CT liquor taxes so high microbrews can’t afford to distribute to CT. Mass has just twice as many breweries distributing. Knowledgeable people though, Def a place to check out“
Ernesto987 4674 days ago
98 /100 235 QUEEN ST
“Superb ever-growing selection, firendly and extremely knowledgeable staff (that includes myself) and always willing to give each customer the best value for their shopping dollar.“
JJAlexander 4818 days ago
86 /100 235 QUEEN ST
“Great selection for Connecticut. One of the best in the state. Found many that I have been searching for. Staff was friendly, outgoing, and knowledgeable. Prices are good for the area also.“
rocbyter 4912 days ago
98 /100 235 QUEEN ST
“I agree with Elihapa... definitely a MUST visit. Being from the Southington/Plainville area, I am absolutely spoiled by having such a vast selection nearby. Only problem is that I don’t have the funds necessarily to try all that they have to offer. Their beer manager, Bill, is very knowledgeable and obviously take pride in his selection. Ask him and his crew what’s new on the shelves or what’s worth trying... Some highlights that they offer... Stone Brewing Co, Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet, Great Divide, and Lagunitas just to name a few...“
ToeNee11 5141 days ago
86 /100 235 QUEEN ST
“Good location and a great selection of beers from around the globe. The beer manager (Matt ?) is very knowledgeable and friendly making every trip worth while. The selection is only limited by CT’s arcane distribution laws.“
bobaidan 5493 days ago
88 /100 235 QUEEN ST
“Located in central CT not 20 minutes from Hartford or Middletown, Southingtons vast beer selection should entice anyone coming through the area. They have a beer manager who is very familiar with quality craft beer, and the job he has done at Southington is highly commendable. It took me a good half hour to go through their entire selection, mostly because there were both domestics and imports that I had never seen before. If you are in CT and looking for De Dolle, Bernardus, Rochefort, J.W. Lees, rare Allagash, and all the other good stuff from NE, this should be a necessary stop. “
for3929XMR 5557 days ago
84 /100 59 W CENTER ST
“I stopped into this resturant to check it out on a Tuesday afternoon, upon the recommendation of a friend. We had a great conversation with the owner Chris, for an hour or two. He hand picks all his taps and they change continually on a rotating basis. Except according to Chris the Guinness tap, "which will always be here". Even though he only has a small number to taps (six, soon to be eight) they are not your average brew usually available and NO mega brews, refreshing! Avery IPA, Oskar Blues Old Chub, Allagash White just to name a few served in the proper glassware. I had the Pork Spareribs upon his recommendation, they fell off the bone. His BBQ menu has everything you can imagine and he offers up plenty of food on your plate. Everything I ate was outstanding BBQ fare, slightly above average in price perhaps, but well worth your money. Chris plans on adding a beer engine for real ale and hosting beer dinners as well in the near future. He also offers live entertainment on the weekends. You cant go wrong for a great all around experience if you stop in to see him. I know I will be!“
SlowandLow 6031 days ago
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