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74 /100 48 ST. THOMAS STREET,
“will come back if in the area. good selection of local beers.“
ResinousChalice29 956 days ago
64 /100 48 ST. THOMAS STREET,
“The Six Bells is located to the west of the centre, near the Solent Cellar and close to an M&S food-hall, its pretty much on the main drag leading down to the quay and near to the church at this top end of town. We visited here on Saturday 11th March 2017. Owing to its former use it has a much lighter and airier feel than many JDW’s which I tend to find are generally gloomy affairs.

It was very busy on our visit, in fact even locating a spare table was tricky but we did and then went about ordering a beer. As you enter the bar is about halfway along the left hand side just past the stairs. Beer choice was fairly much par for course for a small to mid sized JDWs, a couple of local beers added to the nationals, we asked for a Vibrant Forest Kaleidoscope on keg and a Vibrant Forest Six Bells on cask btw the latter is Flying Saucer rebadged for here. This is quite a modern place, seemingly popular with families and young folk. We had a bite to eat and both had the Six Bells on cask as the Kaleidoscope on keg had finished. It was fine in here, fairly standard JDW, but pleasant enough.“
Fin 1687 days ago
54 /100 1 QUAY HILL
“We popped in here on Saturday 11th March 2017, the word popped in is quite apt as that is literally all we did, we went in looked around for a bit saw that it was very busy, few if any tables free and the bar was rammed and so decided to head off up to the Six Bells instead. However it looked a pleasant enough pub, as Glen mentions it is quite an old place, with a cream coloured exterior with large bay windows. Quite characterful in appearance and where it is positioned and inside it has a few original looking fittings and fixtures (oak beams, that sort of thing). it is a short walk up from the quayside and about a third of a mile down the hill from the Six Bells JDW and Solent Cellars.

Beer choice is also as Glen mentions primarily concentrating on nationals, so think Doom Bar territory however there was an Otter beer amongst the 5 cask choices. On another day (quieter day) we may have stayed for a beer, but it was just too busy today so headed on up the hill through what is actually quite a pretty little town until we reached the Six Bells.“
Fin 1688 days ago
72 /100
Solent Cellar (Beer Store)
“We visited here Saturday 11th March 2017, we were cycling from a small CL campsite called Homefields at Hordle which is about about 3 maybe 4 miles out of town. We went to Vibrant Forest Brewery then into Lymington, cycled around the Salt Marshes on the cycle/footpath route and then back into Lymington. This was at the top end of town near the Six Bells, JDW and opposite an M&S food place.

It was only the fact that I saw a few Beavertown cans in the window that further exploration was required. Its a nice building, quite oldish, white washed with a blue canopy. Inside it is more geared up for wines and spirits as you might expect, but has noted the market for decent beers. When you enter the store keep left and head to the back wall and there can be found a pretty reasonable selection of beers from the likes of Beavertown, Cloudwater (the recent 75cl BA releases) Vibrant Forest, Lost and Grounded etc. Prices were reasonable and the staff that I chatted to seemed quite up on their beery knowledge. I was going to go for the large Cloudwater bottles but then remembered I was cycling and my panniers were already crammed with shopping from M&S and Vibrant Forest bottles purchased earlier in the day from the brewery, so settled for a couple of smaller Lost and Grounded options instead. If in the area I would certainly pop in as I think that the range and options are likely to be constantly evolving.“
Fin 1688 days ago
66 /100 48 ST. THOMAS STREET,
“The Six Bells has a frontage rather like a shop, which makes sense as it used to be a furniture shop. Inside there is a clean, marble finish. The pub appears to be on multiple levels, the bar being at a higher level than the frontage. This is certainly a well run and welcoming Wetherspoons, clean and comfortable even though it was packed on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. As Spoons go this one is high up.“
imdownthepub 2274 days ago
50 /100 1 QUAY HILL
“Old traditional pub at the top end of Quay Street, a pedestrian cobbled walkway with many old buildings. The pub has a oak beamed, wood interior, plenty of tables and seating. The bar is to the right as you walk in, there is dim lighting. The beers are laregly nationals, but there is the chance of a local guest.“
imdownthepub 2274 days ago
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