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“At the foot of the ramp leading to the railway station, this is a traditional but homely decorated public house occupying a corner at a busy road junction - and the road in front is pretty loud, especially as the half dozen people in here were all doing their on thing - and one was snoring! Seating is around its exterior walls with an almost 'L' shaped bar against the interior. Here three Flower Pots brews adorn it. There's also a sofa and fireplace beside the short end of the bar. It has wooden floors and creaky furniture.“
ManVsBeer 434 days ago
“A one-room affair with food served in a pleasant traditional-modern setting, but in good weather the front and rear gardens come into their own and quadruple capacity. Although a Greene King pub, it only serves local brews rather than those fro the brewer that owns it. It also has its own on-site microbrewery with two of its own available when I frequented.“
ManVsBeer 435 days ago
74 /100 5 JEWRY STREET
“Next to the pedestrian lights just down from the Wetherspoon pub, this is a keg ale bar with plenty of can options in the fridge. Unity brewery provides some of the beer and the selection is varied fro up and down the country. It has picnic style bench style seating both in and out front with a pizza kitchen the final act after the room ends.“
ManVsBeer 437 days ago
58 /100
Old Vine (Restaurant)
“Historic pub building opposite the entrance to the Cathedral grounds. It's been renovated to look a little more modern on the inside, but retaining elements of traditional. This place also has rooms for visitors, as such food is served throughout the day starting with breakfast, which anyone can partake in. Some outdoor seats exist front and back with 3 permanent cask ales, one of which is from the local Alfred's brewery, with a craft keg available from them as well.“
ManVsBeer 438 days ago
56 /100 25 THE SQUARE
“Traditional older world pub in an historic building close to the main city centre entrance to the Cathedral grounds - set amongst many other food and drink businesses. As such it's a bit of a tourist trap, which is probably why it only bothers with well-known nationally available cask ales, although don't discount a seasonal or special from the same producers here or some craft cans in the fridge. The bar is immediately to the left after you enter. Food is served and there's a couple of highly prized tables out front if the weather is good.“
ManVsBeer 439 days ago
50 /100 3 ST PAUL’S HILL
“On the far side of the railway station car park just where the road rises, this is a traditional pub building masking a new vision on the inside, which has a surf shack style design with a pool table taking up most of the space in front of the bar and music posters across the ceiling. Its main function is as a music venue with performances taking place in a back room. Three cask ales includes a local guest and there's some outdoor space if you wish to drink with the elements.“
ManVsBeer 471 days ago
54 /100 28 CHERITON ROAD
“Suburban end terrace brick pub under the tag of Greene King serving a couple of their often seen brews or national regulars and a local guest or two. With a homely decor it is sufficiently out of the centre enough to be a locals pub and has a dart board and also some outdoor seating. Located upwards away from and west of the station less than 10 minutes walk.“
ManVsBeer 472 days ago
64 /100 1 HIGH STREET
“As the name suggests this pub is by the rod crossing of the Itchen and you can sit and sup in the delightful rear garden and watch the fast flowing river water from an elevated position. There's also some beach huts here too to sit in if you wish some cover. Inside this foody pub with its excellent pseudo saloon bar appearance you'll find a couple of guest keg ales to compliment the Fullers selection.“
ManVsBeer 474 days ago
“Just north of the Great Hall with views of the historic stone gatehouse, this is a pub on the end of a row of buildings with a curved frontage and has large glass windows. Fairly modern inside with four handpumps - all with national regulars when I was there. No longer a brew pub if it once was in the past.“
ManVsBeer 475 days ago
44 /100
Alfie’s (Bar)
“On the eastern side of the main drag, it has a lovely traditional look on the outside but is fairly modern and somewhat chain-bar in appearance once inside - even the atmospheric alleyway at its side leads to a very modern covered outdoor space with tv screens for football and other sports. This is probably because it's a late night venue in the city and often opens late in the day too. But if everything else is closed in Winchester this might be the place to go and drink an often seen ale which can be had here.“
ManVsBeer 477 days ago
48 /100 11A JEWRY STREET
“Traditional styled Wetherspoon with split-level seating, with the lower section including the bar against the side wall to the right. It only had its national regular ales when I visited.“
ManVsBeer 478 days ago
“Lovely traditional pubs with a rotund and curved wooden door entrance right by Winchester College. Also a hotel, food is popular here with several ground floor rooms having been made open plan at some point, with a couple of fireplaces around the venue. The decor is a mix of old artefacts with a preference for cups, mugs and tankards - and these hang everywhere.“
ManVsBeer 481 days ago
58 /100 3 ROMSEY ROAD
“Up the hill from the Great Hall with a pleasant traditional-modern design that's welcoming. Food is served here so the tables required in this small space make everything feel a little cramped, but it seems to function well enough. As a Wadworth pub it had three of its own regulars available when I visited. “
ManVsBeer 482 days ago
“Opposite the Cathedral grounds entrance, 'Joe' must have to shift some pizza to pay the overheads for such a prominent position in the city. Tables and chairs are out front and inside it's a two room affair with the baking done in full view on the left side. It's table service here and although the unchanging beer selection won't wow it does have a locally crafted lager available.“
ManVsBeer 483 days ago
56 /100
General Store (Grocery Store)
“Twin floored coffee shop and upmarket groceries, although not an extensive place for the latter. Everyone in here at the time of my visit was drinking or eating, taking full advantage of the outside tables in good weather in the heart of the city centre. It has a small selection of local craft cans and bottle conditioned ale.“
ManVsBeer 484 days ago
66 /100
Black Boy (Bar)
“Uphill just across the river from a pedestrian bridge south of the Wolvesey Castle. An historic pub building, olde world and dimly lit utilising several fireplaces and almost medieval in appearance and design - although it plays modern music. The partly covered garden is slightly less atmospheric but pleasant enough. Three or four cask ales from local brewers are available and probably a craft keg too. Look out for all the miniature bottles hanging down from the ceiling.“
ManVsBeer 485 days ago
72 /100 57 HYDE STREET
“North-west of the station situated in the middle of a beautiful row of countrified historic terrace houses. Its exterior charm continues at its rear with a large peaceful beer garden between private gardens and is matched inside with low warped beams you need to duck under and creaky wooden floors. There's two rooms like this to enjoy with the bar separating the two. Three cask ales available.“
ManVsBeer 486 days ago
72 /100 57 HYDE STREET
“Cosy little old school pub. Great kept cask. Good range. Whisky is always cheaper than most other pubs I've been to.“
macesgraces 735 days ago
66 /100
General Store (Grocery Store)
“This place could be added as a cafe if that was an option. Well situated on the Market Square, near to the cathedral, an awning provides protection from the elements for the tables outside. Inside there's then a coffee shop counter, which also sells alcohol - cans/bottles of beer, wine and cocktails. There is then a flight of stairs leading down to the store. They have the full array of Unity and Alfred's releases plus a few random (not local Hampshire) ciders. Worth dropping into to pick up some Hants releases and the cakes in the cafe looked good.“
BeardedAvenger 804 days ago
70 /100
Black Boy (Bar)
“Reviewed during lockdown release phase 2, indoors allowed, social distancing. This is a quirky, lively, free spirited pub the other of the Itchen from the Wykeham Arms, with a pleasant walk through the park. Walls and ceiling covered in bric a brac from days gone by plus a huge collection of miniature whisky bottles hung from the ceiling. Mine host plays the role to perfection whilst the barstaff are lovely and welcoming. There is a small range of beers during these unfortunate times but still well worth the visit.“
imdownthepub 977 days ago
“Reviewed during lockdown release phase 2, inside allowed, social distancing. This is a beautiful old pub a little walk out of town, but very pleasant on a warm afternoon. It's multi roomed, very popular for food and it did have its own beer available. The staff were extremely helpful and willing. There are patio areas to the front and rear of the building. Well worth a stroll over to try.“
imdownthepub 977 days ago
“Reviewed during lockdown release phase 2 inside allowed, social distancing. Historic pub in a beautiful part of Winchester. Rather dark inside, wooden panels, the patio is certainly more atmospheric and welcoming. Decent service. Just Fuller's regular beers available.“
imdownthepub 981 days ago
24 /100
Old Vine (Restaurant)
“Reviewed during lockdown release phase 2. Rather a smart, up itself restaurant pub that does beer. Rather empty and soulless on our visit, but still the staff decided to ignore us for quite a while. Nothing really exciting on the beer front, a few easily available nationals. Not one to return to for us.“
imdownthepub 981 days ago
82 /100 5 JEWRY STREET
“Reviewed during lockdown release phase 2. This is a modern Craft beer bar that also offers Mexican food. There is a terrific list of kegged beers many from local breweries. Indoor and outdoor seating, very popular and busy. The Staff were really keen to know how you felt about the beers. A very good place to go.“
imdownthepub 981 days ago
68 /100 28 CHERITON ROAD
“Reviewed during lockdown release phase 2. Popular corner pub a little out of town but we'll worth the walk. GK owned but good local alternatives. Friendly and chatty, the centre of the community. Well worth seeking out.“
imdownthepub 981 days ago
“Reviewed during lockdown release phase 2, inside allowed, social distancing. Large, foodie type place that also serves beers. Very welcoming, no problems about having a dog with us. Not sure whether the link to London Road Brewhouse is still in place, no beers were on offer. The 2 cask beers I had were both dubious unfortunately. Much reduced range at present.“
imdownthepub 981 days ago
72 /100 57 HYDE STREET
“Reviewed during lockdown release phase 2. Visited on a Tuesday evening but still quite popular. Everyone was in the garden and a pleasant buzz. The Landlady chatted to everyone making people feel at home. Just 4 beers on offer but all well kept. Proper old school boozer and all the better for it. One to return to.“
imdownthepub 982 days ago
72 /100 5 JEWRY STREET
“Visited on 10th June 2021. Under 10 mins from the station on a busy road packed with restaurants is this place. Single room, seating outside. Decor is on trend industrial chic, lots of reclaimed wood panels. Decent beer range with locals featuring such as Unity from 12 taps plus 3 or 4 ciders. Small range of cans. Food is Mexican Street food and is good. Decent enough place. Service was good and reasonable prices.“
WingmanWillis 987 days ago
100 /100 25 THE SQUARE
“I received a delightfully warm reception in this charming pub from its radiantly exuberant landlady and her staff. The locals were intelligent and friendly and one bought me a pint of Timothy Taylor’s, a generous and welcoming act. The landlady was kind enough to show me the upstairs room, through the window of which Alice Lisle was led to her execution in 1685. I could hardly have dreamed of being made more welcome. Furthermore, the beer was outstanding! I’ll be back!“
adonisblue 1552 days ago
“A traditional, rather small pub in wooden interiors and with a L-shaped servery offering four cask ales, regionally sourced. Decent service. Located next to the train station. (Visited with Finn 23.10.2019).“
Rune 1566 days ago
60 /100
Old Vine (Restaurant)
“Right outside the gate leading to Winchester Cathedral. A rather small sized pub room with an island bar displaying four cask ales. Lots of mirrors on the walls. Polite service. (Visited with Finn 23.10.2019).“
Rune 1566 days ago
68 /100
Black Boy (Bar)
“Another classic, cozy, community pub with a charming, slightly worn-out layout. Different sections with the servery in the middle. Five cask ales, mostly from regional breweries. Quite large patio outside. Polite service. Popular and busy on an early Wednesday eve. Close to the River Itchen (Visited with Finn 23.10.2019).“
Rune 1566 days ago
“A super cozy community pub close to Winchester College. A bar next to the entrance serving different sections of the place. Lit candles, open fire place, comfortable chairs and tables, and slight bric-a-brac decoration on the walls. Outdoor seating. The row of six cask ales is supported by four ales on gravity, one of their own on cask at our stay. Welcome service. About 20 minutes walk from the train station. (Visited with Finn 23.10.2019).“
Rune 1566 days ago
“Cozy small cornerpub with a handful beers. Mostly Flowerpots. Close to the Station.“
Finn 1584 days ago
68 /100
Old Vine (Restaurant)
“Great pub with an ok selection.“
Finn 1584 days ago
68 /100
Black Boy (Bar)
“Old-fashioned pub. OK selection.“
Finn 1584 days ago
“Lovely old-fashioned pub with an ok beer selection.“
Finn 1584 days ago
72 /100 5 JEWRY STREET
“A cosy, popular craft beer bar in the heart of Winchester. Loved by the locals and always busy. Friendly service with a nice community spirit. They have 20 beers and 4 ciders on tap, plus a decent bottle selection. Prices are relatively high, but on a par with the area. However, they do offer a flight of three thirds, but for each third they charge the half pint price. I eneded up paying 19 Pounds for two pints (six thirds). Not very ticker friendly and frankly a bit of a rip off. I will return, but I will give the flights a wide berth.“
jmgreenuk 1615 days ago
100 /100 5 JEWRY STREET
“Superb selection of craft beers on 24 taps and 4 cask plus ciders. Great range of styles. The best in town. “
Steamworks1 1642 days ago
“Spent a short time wandering around Winchster last Saturday evening looking for somewhere that would be suitable for the three year old and this seemed the best bet. They advertise craft beer but so I was expecting Punk IPA. The Peroni being listed as their draft option continued to meet my expectations. However whilst they only had 8 beers in bottle/can they were from Fallen Acorn, Dark Revolution and Unity. I had the two Fallen Acorn beer and if I wasn't out with the wife and child would also have had some of the DR ticks. Meanwhile the food as lovely - the boy didn't finish his oizza so I had that after a well done N'Dua macaroni cheese. Staff were very helpful and good with children. If you are in Winchester I'd recommend this place for food plus potential bonus ticks.“
BeardedAvenger 1642 days ago
“Update from 25/08/19: the brewery has been expanded and they seem to be getting regular guest brewers in alongside the permanent guy. As a result the number of beers is increasing and for the last few weeks they have had to of their own beers on at one time. They now also do flights of three thirds for around £3.50 - which annoyingly I only noticed after I'd been served or I would have had a Fallen Acorn Berliner Weisse as well. Still have 3 GK beers on plus macro lager kegs but 3 or 4 guess casks on as well. Our sunday roast was nice if cold. Old review: I'd not been here for perhaps 7 years. My memory was that it was a tad run down so it's been refurbished. I specifically went because their website listed one of their own beers as being available but it was off by the time I got there. Hopefully will not unduly influence my rating! Around 5 hand pumps plus a number of casks on stilage (if that's the correct term) at the rear of the bar. Only two of the these cask were on so I was not overly impressed by what was left nd ended up buying a GK beer as one of my two new ticks. Local offerings from Alfreds, Red Cat and Steam Town. The place was pretty but a large area is reserved for eating so I ended up sat outside in the cold. If this was my local I wouldn't complain but it's 10 minutes out from the centre so would not necessarily head here other than to try and track down one of their own beers.“
BeardedAvenger 1912 days ago
86 /100 5 JEWRY STREET
“Great beers and staff. Music can be a bit too loud, but maybe I’m getting old.“
CiderRates14 2112 days ago
70 /100 5 JEWRY STREET
“Visited 11/12/17. Did not realise that this place existed. As part of a post-team Christmas lunch circuit, we were popping into Green's Wine Bar, when a colleague pointed out that the place next door advertised 'craft beer'. Must have only been open a couple of weeks. It's got that rough and ready modern craft beer bar décor, but it does give the impression of having been done on the cheap and DIY. The flight trays are just planks with holes drilled through them. A decent array of beers, some on pump but mostly stored on racks up the back wall and taken straight from the cask. Various local craft style breweries and some from further afield. The fridge looked well stocked, seemed to be some lambics, etc. The staff were extremely helpful and chatty. Food looked and smelled nice. Will be back! A very good additional to the Winch beer scene, especially after The Albion's no longer stocks interesting new wave breweries.“
BeardedAvenger 2255 days ago
“Visited 11/12/17. Had been here a few years ago when it was an average street corner pub in terms of décor but it has since been renovated. Going for the 'posh' gastro look. 5 beers on hand pump plus various kegs. Of the latter two were of interest, a Session IPA from Red Cat (which was off) and then Lagunitas IPA. 'Pro' staff. Served the beers I ordered quickly, but when a colleague went up buy a round of gins he was gone forever. Turned out that the place specialises in gin and the barman was grilling him about what style he wanted. etc. Some of my younger collegues thought the place was a but quiet. When they brough some food out the fish stank the place out. Not a must do but a pleasant stop if doing a circuit. And plenty of Hampshire beers, to be fair.“
BeardedAvenger 2255 days ago
58 /100 3 ST PAUL’S HILL
“Visited 16/12/16. This pub survives as a gig venue as opposed to being a drinking venue. Been to many gigs over the years. Beerwise there is a varied choice but all offerings from Marstons’s and subsidiaries: 5 casks and a couple of craft styled ked offerings. A negative point for me is that they quite often seem to have staff on who are more interested in talking amongst themselvest then serving pints.“
BeardedAvenger 2625 days ago
72 /100 28 CHERITON ROAD
“Visited 16/12/16. First the BREWERY NEWS: barman told me that they don’t have much time for brewing and doesn’t sell well, so they just do maybe 4 casks during the summer. Friendly and warm pub. The quiz was on later and tables were reserved due to its popularity. The staff were welcoming and chatted away to customers. 7 guest ales alongside the Greene King dross. Will be back.“
BeardedAvenger 2625 days ago
64 /100 11A JEWRY STREET
“Heaving with long queues when we went in on a Sunday (so maybe not the best time to see it) - overspill from the horrendously busy Christmas market. Staff still smiling and polite despite working flat out - always impressed with ’Spoons staff. About 10 ales on - 5 standards & 5 guests including the local Langham - plus the usual ’Spoons craft selection. Food as usual very tasty and well cooked and ridiculously cheap. Too many drunk dirty old blokes for my liking otherwise a fairly standard ’Spoons.“
wheresthepath 2630 days ago
66 /100 3 ROMSEY ROAD
“This pub is uphill on the way out from the city centre to the uni and prison. They have Horizon and 6X on as standard, plus up to four guests (all Wadsworth IIRC). Done up in I guess what could be termed as a shabby chic style. Friendly, laid back atmosphere. Pleasant staff. Good food, especially the Sundat roast - meets the Mrs’ standards! Owned by the small group that also run the Green Man, Mucky Duck and Corner House, but I’d day this the only one that is of interest to people on here.“
BeardedAvenger 2641 days ago
62 /100
Old Vine (Restaurant)
“Nice location right next to the cathedral green. Good selection of real ales, with a few local things I’d never seen before. Also had a big gin menu, though I didn’t try any. Good value considering the location.“
explosivedog 2749 days ago
52 /100 25 THE SQUARE
“I had fond memories of this pub. The only prior time I’d been here I was on a date that was going very well. Therefore told people we should go there whilst on a work visit to the Christmas Market. Then had to pretend it wasn’t my idea. Not a bad pub, just run down and basic. It seems odd that a lovely old building in a tourist hotspot would not be taken advantage of. One of those pubs where the landlord doesn’t seem too bothered.“
BeardedAvenger 2760 days ago
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