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“Visited 8/11/2019. Shop inside a petrol station, next to a brewery, alongside a car showroom. An odd mix! Was mainly there to pick up some beers from the Brewery which had been left in the car showroom (“hello sir can I help you?” “yes I’m here for the beer” isn’t the usual conversation with a car salesman) and gave the garage shop a look too (it doesn’t stock Bellingers beers). Has a few shelves of mainly local beers, more mainstream local than micro-local, certainly well above what you’d see in most petrol station shops but a fraction of the 300+ this place apparently used to stock (maybe 40-50 now). Could have picked up a few I’d not had before but wasn’t a lot on offer, so just collected my pre-ordered Bellingers and was on my way to my next brewery stop. Worth a look if driving by.“
Grumbo 1563 days ago
“Well, this has gone downhill. Used to be full of bottles, UK, Belgian, German and most particularly American. Now it’s down to local beers. Smaller limited choice means only worth a visit if close by now.“
imdownthepub 4328 days ago
“A good find - much better selection, of mainly UK bottles, than you could possibly expect to find at a filling station and good prices too.“
berkshirejohn 5339 days ago
“Just been there the once, Huge selection of UK bottles. Watch out for BBF dates as a few were quite close, and this can matter with some UK bottle conditions. But the best selection of UK ales ive seen UPDATE NOT AS GOOD AS IT USED TO BE 80 -> 72“
cgarvieuk 5389 days ago
“Have visited this little gem a couple of times now and this is yet another example of a Londis shop like the excellent Westholme Stores Goring on Thames, turning into a beer emporium. Incredibly this does it even better and even cheaper than Jacks with a further 10% off for CAMRA members. Behind the garage is the recently started micro brewery Pitstop named after the close proximity to the Williams F1 team next door. The beers here just keep getting better and better. I was in here just over a week or so ago and there was Thornbridge Alliance (2 diff versions), Bracia, Kipling. A great selection of Rogue, Victory beers plus some rarely seen smaller brewery UK stuff. AS I left the store I was informed that they had a ton of new Belgian beers to go out on the shelves. Well worth a trip if you are even remotely close. Have visited a few more times lately and the Beer selection is certainly starting to dip quite considerably. Almost all of the American beers are now reduced and are not being replaced on the shelves and the whole selection is starting to take on a much more local feel (not a bad thing) The brewery at the back of this site (Bellingers) is represented here along with plenty of Vale, Rebellion, Ridgeway, Adkins and Butts. There are still some Belgian beers and the UK selection is decent enough but this place has now slipped back and Westhole Stores is once agin the premier bottled beer establishment in Oxfordshire. Bellingers have also stopped accepting CAMRA cards for a 10% discount.“
Fin 5389 days ago
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