St. Austell

Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 96/100 3652 ratings
63 Trevarthian Road,, St. Austell, Cornwall, England PL25 4BY
Places associated: Hicks Bar (St. Austell), Holly Tree Inn (St. Austell), Pandora Inn (St. Austell), Fountain Inn (St. Austell), Bugle Inn (St. Austell), Old Success Inn (St. Austell), Bucket of Blood (St. Austell), London Inn (St. Austell), Yacht Inn (St. Austell), Ship Inn (St. Austell), King´s Arms (St. Austell), Dolphin Tavern (St. Austell), Hop & Vine (St. Austell), King’s Arms (St. Austell), Samuel Jones (St. Austell), Globe (St. Austell), Masons Arms (St Austell), Lugger Inn (St Austell), Ship Inn (St Austell), King of Prussia (St Austell), Ship Inn (St Austell), Ship Inn (St Austell), Ship Inn (St Austell), Lugger (St Austell), Great Western (St Austell), Victoria Inn (St Austell), Victoria Inn (St. Austell), Harbour Inn (St. Austell), George Inn (St. Austell), Mill on the Exe (St. Austell), Waterfront (St. Austell), Hare (St Austell)
Commenced brewing in 1860. Founded by Walter Hick initially as a Wine Merchants in 1851. The same family remains in control.
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Marks & Spencer 6 Malt Cornish Stout
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
4.410/18/2016Rate 3.368125
Marks & Spencer Cornish Ale
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
4.95/15/2012Rate 3.329326
Marks & Spencer Cornish IPA
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
5.07/3/2008Rate 3.2856141
Marks & Spencer Cornish Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
4.46/21/2015Rate 3.269230
Marks & Spencer Cornish Red Ale
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
4.96/19/2015Rate 3.299030
St. Austell / Brecon / Bru / Inveralmond / Purity Celtic Cross 4.511/29/2014Rate 3.168
St. Austell / Roosters Grandview 5.310/22/2016Rate 3.091
St. Austell / Thornbridge Eureka 5.93/2/2016Rate 3.243
St. Austell 1851 Vintage Ale 10.210/12/2002Rate 3.06815
St. Austell 1913 Original Stout 5.211/29/2012Rate 3.193736
St. Austell 9 To 5 All Day IPA 5.43/5/2017Rate 3.041
St. Austell Admirals Ale 5.01/3/2006Rate 3.3494322
St. Austell Annie’s Revenge (alias) 3.811/4/2015
St. Austell Bad Habit 8.212/21/2012Rate 3.418
St. Austell Bang For Your Buck 5.63/15/2016Rate 3.213
St. Austell Baobab 5.33/31/2017Rate 1
St. Austell Baz Treeny’s Red Ale 6.012/27/2010Rate 2.871
St. Austell Big Admiral 6.72/19/2017Rate 3.122
St. Austell Big Job 7.26/4/2013Rate 3.4441205
St. Austell Big Smoke 5.58/6/2011Rate 3.123310
St. Austell Billy’s Bavarian Beast 5.64/10/2016Rate 2.941
St. Austell Black Arsed Fly 5.911/9/2015Rate 3.072
St. Austell Black Out Stout 6.42/3/2007Rate 3.215
St. Austell Black Prince 4.04/2/2003Rate 3.126049
St. Austell Bombay Steamer East India Porter 5.31/18/2017Rate 3.072
St. Austell Brewer & Bean 6.010/3/2014Rate 2.841
St. Austell Broon Dog 4.711/26/2012Rate 2.853
St. Austell Bubble & Squeak 4.97/27/2016Rate 3.194
St. Austell Bucket of Blood 4.510/16/2009Rate 3.098020
St. Austell Cardinal Syn 8.010/29/2009Rate 3.022810
St. Austell Chocolate Orange Stout 5.012/11/2016Rate 3.285
St. Austell Clouded Yellow 4.811/16/2000Rate 2.9843113
St. Austell Cockle Roaster 4.59/2/2010Rate 2.811
St. Austell Cornish Best 3.51/19/2015Rate 2.93630
St. Austell Cornish Bock 6.57/22/2011Rate 3.178319
St. Austell Cornish Cream 3.67/7/2003Rate 3.15
St. Austell Cornish Tiergarten 4.011/26/2016Rate 3.112
St. Austell Cousin Jack 3.79/9/2011Rate 2.932
St. Austell Coxswains Special 4.010/19/2010Rate 3.18919
St. Austell Crown And Anchor Ale (alias) 4.19/9/2015
St. Austell Dartmoor Best Bitter 3.94/20/2006Rate 2.995550
St. Austell Delta Bravo 1051 5.74/9/2017Rate 3.041
St. Austell Duchy Bitter 3.711/16/2000Rate 2.281
St. Austell Eden IPA 5.04/24/2016Rate 2.91
St. Austell Eden Pale Ale 4.08/12/2014Rate 2.954
St. Austell Eden Wheat Beer 4.84/28/2016Rate 2.791
St. Austell Ella 4.14/9/2017Rate 3.021
St. Austell Endeavour 3.85/10/2011Rate 2.912
St. Austell Eureka 4.910/4/2016Rate 3.184
St. Austell Free Beer 5.57/23/2007Rate 2.815
St. Austell Georges Tipple 4.111/3/2009Rate 3.056919
St. Austell Gold Rush 4.411/24/2012Rate 2.884
St. Austell Golden Jubilee 6.09/3/2003Rate 3.082
St. Austell Golden King (alias) 4.56/8/2014
St. Austell Guest Brewer (Oakademy Of Excellence) 3.75/5/2013Rate 2.811
St. Austell Harvest Moon 4.38/15/2016Rate 3.057
St. Austell Honey Monster 4.17/7/2010Rate 2.872
St. Austell Hope & Glory 4.78/3/2012Rate 2.883
St. Austell Hope And Anchor Ale (alias) 4.59/21/2007
St. Austell Hoppy Daze 5.53/16/2014Rate 2.892
St. Austell HSD (Hicks Special Draught) (Bottle) 5.011/26/2001Rate 338114
St. Austell HSD (Hicks Special Draught) (Cask) 5.08/21/2002Rate 3.1465107
St. Austell Imperial Stout 9.512/8/2010Rate 3.473612
St. Austell IPA 3.49/2/2004Rate 2.913817
St. Austell Italian Job 5.08/13/2016Rate 3.17113
St. Austell Jolly Holly 4.312/4/2014Rate 3.18
St. Austell Kaffee Lager 6.77/21/2016Rate 3.131
St. Austell Korev 4.810/29/2010Rate 2.846675
St. Austell Limelight IPA 5.07/11/2016Rate 2.831
St. Austell Liquid Sunshine 3.99/7/2010Rate 3.299429
St. Austell Malt Monster 5.112/12/2015Rate 2.981
St. Austell Mena Dhu 4.512/10/2015Rate 3.437642
St. Austell Nicholson’s Celebration Pale Ale 5.05/11/2017Rate 3.041
St. Austell Nicholson’s IPA 6.07/13/2013Rate 3.116
St. Austell Nicholson’s Pale Ale 4.05/18/2012Rate 3.0571109
St. Austell Nicholsons Porter 5.010/25/2013Rate 3.12819
St. Austell Oaked Winter Ale 6.011/7/2013Rate 3.165012
St. Austell Old Skool 6.411/4/2015Rate 2.941
St. Austell Pacific Jade 5.96/20/2016Rate 3.052
St. Austell Papermakers Ale 3.510/17/2016Rate 2.862
St. Austell Podium 4.08/30/2012Rate 2.892
St. Austell Polperro Pride (alias) 3.73/25/2008
St. Austell Proper Black 6.011/5/2010Rate 3.4447179
St. Austell Proper Cool IPA 5.512/23/2014Rate 33
St. Austell Proper Job (Bottle) 5.55/9/2006Rate 3.3954542
St. Austell Proper Job (Cask) 4.57/24/2007Rate 3.360205
St. Austell Proper Job Cornish IPA (bottle) (alias) 5.55/7/2017
St. Austell Rainforest Gold 4.57/13/2014Rate 2.871
St. Austell Raisins to be Cheerful 5.512/16/2010Rate 3.044014
St. Austell Red Admiral 5.04/12/2015Rate 2.761
St. Austell Royal Albert 4.45/31/2013Rate 2.881
St. Austell Royal Diamond Celebration Imperial IPA 9.08/10/2012Rate 3.094
St. Austell Royal Wedding Ale 6.011/15/2016 U  0
St. Austell Ruby Jack 4.512/13/2012Rate 2.94
St. Austell Ruck & Roll 4.02/19/2013Rate 3.118
St. Austell Rye The Long Face 4.75/21/2017Rate 2.961
St. Austell Saint Nich’s Festive Ale 4.511/17/2014Rate 3.088616
St. Austell Saisonier 5.84/8/2016Rate 3.212
St. Austell Salamander Best 3.55/22/2017Rate 0
St. Austell Sayzon 5.93/31/2017Rate 3.061
St. Austell Smoking Gun 5.111/15/2015Rate 3.168
St. Austell Smugglers Ale (-2006) 5.010/3/2005Rate 3.439828
St. Austell Smugglers Grand Cru 11.59/4/2011Rate 3.478351
St. Austell Smugglers Vintage Ale 6.08/19/2009Rate 3.2237131
St. Austell Sneaky Pete’s DRC 4.43/28/2015Rate 2.841
St. Austell Spring Brew 4.36/3/2012Rate 3.388
St. Austell Spring Fever 4.14/8/2016Rate 3.127711
St. Austell Steady As She Gose 4.57/21/2016Rate 3.151
St. Austell Stop, Drop and Roll 5.112/12/2015Rate 3.171
St. Austell Strawberry Blonde 4.01/6/2013Rate 2.712
St. Austell Tamar Creek 7.312/2/2015Rate 3.47
St. Austell The Gribbin (Cask) 4.38/12/2015Rate 2.947
St. Austell Three Ology 4.52/13/2017Rate 31
St. Austell Tinners 3.711/16/2000Rate 2.924543
St. Austell Toast 4.89/7/2016Rate 3.021
St. Austell Trelawny (Bottle) 3.88/8/2011Rate 2.965314
St. Austell Trelawny (Cask) 3.87/19/2011Rate 3.057271
St. Austell Trelawnys Harvest Ale 4.410/28/2010Rate 2.957
St. Austell Trelawnys Pride 4.46/29/2004Rate 2.782
St. Austell Tribute (Bottle/Can) 4.23/24/2003Rate 3.0978319
St. Austell Tribute (Cask) 4.24/13/2003Rate 3.293274
St. Austell Tribute Extra 5.21/27/2009Rate 3.248650
St. Austell Underdog 3.54/23/2016Rate 3.284510
St. Austell Vanilla & Bourbon Porter 5.09/5/2016Rate 3.273
St. Austell Vesper 5.59/4/2016Rate 2.981
St. Austell White Gold 4.81/22/2007Rate 2.942
St. Austell Winter Warmer 6.01/14/2007Rate 3.113618
St. Austell XXXX Mild 3.62/23/2016Rate 3.215

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