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May 2015 TURDFERGUSON Sweet, easy trade with Jason. B. Nektar HoD b2 for last year’s WB Mex Cake set. Easy peasy. The HoD was even better than the b1 bottle I had at RBWG Jax. Thanks Jason. Bet you didn’t know it was me. Or maybe you did!
Feb 2014 Godofthecellar quick and easy trade with Jason. Would do again
Jan 2014 Durne13 Easy trading with Jason and was able to secure a major want; Black Tuesday. Threw in my first Kern River Brew as an extra. Thanks a lot, man!
Dec 2013 ralphcal Good, quick, easy trade on some good beers I can’t get in NY and I’m happy to drink down. Would definitely trade again if the opportunity arose.
Aug 2013 doghousejohnny Awesome trade for stuff I can’t get at home. Nice extras. Top marks!
Mar 2013 BuckeyeBoy We set-up a quick DL for BA Bigfoot trade. He also tossed in a few great extras The Bruery Faster, Bigger, Better, Bolder, A Nugget Nectar, and a Taps fish house Remy. Thanks a ton.
Jan 2013 RobertDale Nice trade with Jason. We helped each other out. Thanks for the Cigar City Hunahpu’s! And the extra! Nicely packed and quickly shipped. Excellent!
Apr 2012 daknole Jason sends a great rarity my way. Thanks!
Mar 2012 dimenhetfield Veritas 009... enough said. Allen is a pro!
Feb 2012 wchesser 2nd trade with Jason. Easy and efficient and got some stuff I’ve been wanting to try for ages and can’t get in CO.
Feb 2012 hannont Third trade with Jason and like the others this one was quick and easy. He sent a very nice selection of beers.
Feb 2012 courtneysux Quick and easy meet up, nice guy.
Dec 2011 dimenhetfield Jason comes through again with a bottle of Mikkeller Sour Bitch, only released in Chicago. Thanks bud!
Nov 2011 hannont In a display of excellence, Jason sent me want list beer when he had no business doing so. Very much appreciated. Thanks much!
Nov 2011 doppelthat Jason hooked it up with some great beers, like Founders KBS, Zombie Dust, and a few Epic Brewing beers. Great guy to trade with and very patient with me, since it took me a while to send out my box. Hope you enjoy them Jason.
Oct 2011 Hopper Jason hooked up the Dust just in time for the Zombies to come out. Thanks for the trade.
Oct 2011 Enjoyit A very good trade! I got 1. bcs rare 2. kuhnhenn raspberry eisbock 3. kuhnhenn bourbon barrel barleywine 4. Kuhnhenn bourbon barrel fourth dementia. 5. surly five 6. surly darkness 7. surly furious 8. upland raspberry 9. upland persimmon 10. Upland kiwi 11. Three Floyds Behemouth and 12. Bruery Black Tuesday
Oct 2011 TURDFERGUSON Jason sent me a nice box that included a 6pack of Zombie Dust and some other local ticks. Great packaging and communication. Hope to trade again. Thanks J!
Oct 2011 dimenhetfield Another trade in the books with Jason. Great packaging and quick to ship.
Oct 2011 nyindiansfan Jason was great to deal with sent a awesome box nice mix of three floyds, five rabbits,daisy cutter, and few others, nice packing very fast, thanks
Oct 2011 McGrupp612 Jason sent me a very generous box of Midwest beers. The extras were over the top as well. Every aspect of the trade went flawlessly. Thank you very much!
Sep 2011 jtclockwork Jason sent me a great box of Jackie O’s/Uplands. He throw in some nice extras including Zombie Dust from my WL! Highly recommended! Thanks for the great trade!
Jul 2011 ajcobb24 Jason and I just completed an epic trade (done through BeerAdvocate, but I wanted to leave feedback here as well). As extras he sent Mother of all Storms, Dark Lord and Bourbon County Brand Stout. I was just floored by this guy’s generosity. Thanks for a great trade, Jason!
Jun 2011 bhensonb What a shipment! Safely packed. Quickly shipped. We both got our boxes the same day. Three Floyds Amon Amarth -- Ragnarok, Artic Panzer Wolf; Kuhnhenn BA 4thD Olde Ale, BA Barleywine, 2007 Raspberry Eisbock; Flossmoor StationMaster; Jackie O’s Cellar Cuvee 4 (BA); Half Acre Daisycutter. For a few days I may be the only person in Cali who has these beers. Soon I won’t have th
Jun 2011 bierkoning I got 12 great beers, mostly from Illinois from Jason. 2 Kuhnhenn classics. Shipped quickly by fedex. Excellent packing and communication. Generous trader.
Jun 2011 emacgee Did an awesome quick trade for 65 worth of brew and I got a sweet 12 bottle styro with Kuhnhenn Solar Eclipse, Extraneous, BB BW, 4D, Flossmoor Station Pullmans Brown, Jackie O Cellar Cuvee 4, GI Lolita, GI Madame Rosse, and FFF Amon Ramanth. Thanks a ton man!
Jun 2011 wchesser My first Ratebeer trade. Nice trade-prompt, well shipped, and fair, plus a couple extra goodies I can’t get down in Denver. What more can you ask for? Good Midwest selection.
May 2011 hannont In a very easy/quick trade, Jason sent me three hard to find want list beers...De Molen Kopi Loewak, Crianza Helena and barrel aged 4th dementia...damn! I hope to trade with him again.
May 2011 Ughsmash Jason hooked me up with a much wanted bottle, and padded the box with a BA De Molen stout and Bruery Imperial White Orchid. Most excellent all around!
Apr 2011 hamilton23 Great trade with Jason. He sent the Wood Ya Honey as promised and included some KILLER bonus beers (When a guy sends limited Jackie O’s as bonus, you know that he is a great trader).
Apr 2011 wnoble My first trade with Jason went well. Got a couple goodies from Kuhnhenn. Fast and secure shipping. Hope to trade again.
Apr 2011 Thorpe429 Have had a few great trades with Jason as well as perhaps an in person or two. Fantastic trader who is highly recommended. Great person for tastings and some nice beers straight from Belgium as extras.
Apr 2011 GODiSSOUTHERN Jason was great to trade with. Good communication and great packing and threw in a 4th d kuhnhenn on top of a de molen 666 and a dark lord! Awesome Job!
Feb 2011 fbm115 Jason and I had an exchange. However he did not send me what we agreed to. Rather, he sent me similar items which he thought would suffice. Thank you for the quick communication and shipping. hope we can do it again some time where you send me what we actually agree to. Cheers