The most varied glass in the world of beer. This style of glass has been around a while but only recently has found in a home in the eyes of beer-lovers the world over. It is the ultimate beer-tasting utility glass. The bulbous bottom makes for great drinking, the flared mouth allows for wonderful head formation and aroma release, and while it is short enough to handle the biggest beer styles, it is tall enough to service IPAs and other complex session beers. The Duvel glass is a well-known variant of the tulip style, and the Ratebeer tasting glass is an almost perfect example.
Appropriate for these styles:
Abbey Dubbel
Abbey Tripel
American Strong Ale
Belgian Ale
Belgian Strong Ale
Bière de Garde
IPA - Black / Dark
IPA - Hazy / New England
Lambic - Faro
Lambic - Fruited
Lambic - Gueuze
Lambic - Unblended
Pale Ale - American
Sour / Wild Ale
Sour Red / Brown
Stout - Foreign / Extra