beachwood BBQ winter beer fest and anniversary party


Beachwood BBQ 2nd Annual Winter Beer Week(ish) is here again, and by no coincidence so is our anniversary. Starting Tuesday December 14th we’ll be tapping a large a selection of vintage Belgian Christmas Beer and holiday beers from local breweries.

Our friends, near and far, are supplying us with some stellar selections, so swing by
December 14th-December 23rd and celebrate with good friends and good beer.
Some special events:

December 14th – Southern California Brewers Guild Night
To start the festivities many local breweries will be bringing by a keg or two:
Taps -
Tustin Brewing -
Bruery -Loakal Red
Rock Bottom - Newport Beach Brewing -
Bootleggers -
Pizza Port S.C -
Left Coast -A

December 16th – Bruery Night
Our good friends at the Bruery have created another special blend for our 4th Anniversary. We’ll be tapping the yet to be named beer plus a killer line up of Bruery Specialties including: Workman’s Friend, Sour in the Rye, Humulus Session, Three French Hens, Rugbrød, Orchard White and Lokal Red.
We’ll also have a special menu pairing Bruery beers with Gabe’s special menu creations.

December 23rd – Drake’s and Triple Rock Night
To finish off the week long celebration brewer Rodger Davis from Drake’s and Triple Rock is brining down 24 kegs. Meet the man himself and bring a sober driver b


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