Goose Island Three Sisters Tasting


Join Finnegans and Goose Island for a special tasting of the “Three Sisters” lineup from their reserve portfolio. Jim DeBolt will be on hand to premiere new bottlings of Juliet, Madame Rose and Lolita, along with bites from chef David Donohugh.

All three beers are aged up to 13 months in barrels with fresh fruit from local farms. Juliet, which is aged for 13 months in a mix of French and American red wine barrels, enjoyed the company of 55 pounds of fresh blackberries sourced from Michigan’s Mick Klug Farms in each barrel.
The youthful Lolita also sat in French and American red wine barrels, but was accompanied by 50 pounds of Klug Farm raspberries. And the elegant Madame Rose mingled with 40 pounds of whole cherries from Klug and Seedling Farms for a total of 13 months.
Space is limited and reservations are reccomended.

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