Wasana’s Beer Tasting


Another one of Bottleman’s beer tastings. He will have 7-10 beers included as well as lite food in the price. Also you can sample any of the 300+ beers at self cost normally between .80-1.40 Euro’s each. These make for a lot of fun.Contact for a seat these get full fast. Contact Bottleman below or Bierkrug

The hotel a few hundred metters away is 69 euros a night for a single room

Opal Hotel Idar-Oberstein
Mainzer Straße 34, 55743 Idar-Oberstein
Telefon : +49 6781 56295-0
Telefax : +49 6781 56295-333
E-Mail : [email protected]
Internet : http://www.opal-hotel.de

Cost: 15 Euros


[email protected]
0172 - 61 22 366


jonas 1/26/2012
I am bringing a couple of bottles of the CREW Pale ale for everyone who hasnt tried it yet, also a bottle or two to share from British Columbia and Baltimore.
bottleman 1/5/2012
The said Ratebeer person never made it to the Toilet if I remember.
Koelschtrinker 1/3/2012
Might be there
Bierkrug 12/29/2011
Hehehehe this one will be a bit different than last time. Since Bottleman is running it this time. There will be about 30 non-ratebeer folks at this as well. Bottleman will make his beers for tasting and we can bring our own as well. It will be good to recruit new Ratebeer folks.
Travlr 12/29/2011
Looks like the boys are back in town. Is anyone gonna bring some toilet bowl cleaner?? ("Toilet bowl cleaner" is German for "Cantillon," by the way).

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