The 7th Annual Woodshop Tasting



- 7/3/12 - Even though this year’s Woodshop Tasting "SOLD OUT" about a month ago, there is actually still some chance that we can expand capacity at Beachwood BBQ & Brewing for the event. While we currently already have a waiting list for the Woodshop, PLEASE LET ME KNOW VIA BEERMAIL if there are any stragglers or last-minute travelers who are hoping to come out for RBSG, and would be interested in attending Woodshop as a part of their plans. We should find out definitively within about a week.

- 7/2/12 - Woodshop logo and t-shirt designs areWoodshop 7 logo and t-shirt designs are coming in. Here’s a look:

Full logo -
T-shirt mockup -

T-SHIRTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE! We are placing our final order on the 10th for printing by July 20th. If you want to order a t-shirt, send $20 via PayPal to account [email protected] and specify your shirt size.

- 6/4/12 - This event is effectively SOLD OUT as of some time over the weekend of 6/1/12. If you are attending RBSG and did not get a confirmed ticket, beermail cquiroga to see if we can work something out.

- 5/24/12 - All attendees signed up on this page should have received an invitation via Beermail.

The 7th annual giant bottle-sharing beer party. Lots of kegs and casks of carefully selected craft beers, hundreds of bottles, beer-and-cheese pairings, a special Woodshop food menu, blind tasting "showdown," and more.

We encourage you to bring a bottle or two (or more) of the best beers from your cellar to share with any and all in attendance. We like to think of this tasting as a perfect occasion to sample those special bottles you’ve been saving for just the right moment.

$35 per person for one custom glass, full access to special Woodshop kegs, casks, bottle-share, light refreshments and cheese spread. Full Beachwood BBQ menu and special Woodshop food menu available a la carte, only during this event.

Stay at Beachwood for the "on-site afterparty!"

Check back on this page for updates and additional details as the event grows nearer. Beermail "Woodshop" if you have any questions.

Cost: $35


Chris Quiroga
[email protected]


OCBeerSociety 7/17/2012
Woodshop 6/21/2012
Thank you for not spamming this event listing with promotions for other events.
DaSilky1 6/13/2012
I wish this shit was at a gay bar again, I'm lonely.
3fourths 6/8/2012
cquiroga 6/7/2012
TrappistAlesRule up in this piece!
t0rin0 5/10/2012
In case it isnt clear that this actually part of RBSG...

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