Zwanze and Péché Mortel Day 2012


Zwanze Day will take place December 1, 2012 at our pub in Montreal and will start at 15 h 00, the official time chosen by Cantillon to begin to serve the 2012 Zwanze. The beer will be served anywhere in the world at the same time, according to the timezone.

A special glass memento will be available at the event, and other beers from Cantillon will be also available in bottle.

Please note that we open our doors at the usual time is 1: 00 but the Zwanze will be available from 15: 00. Not a second before!

Zwanze Day will be followed on the same day of the Péché day 2012 to celebrate 11 years of this indescribable effects and the tasty likes beer, we have again this year brewed in our ad by Montréal a special Péché Mortel with our regular version different coffees. This time, we used a blend of coffees from Nicaragua (Brown) and Ethiopia (natural Sidama). The menu also for this memorable day, 4 other versions of Péché Mortel: sin 10th anniversary (brewed in 2011), Péché Bourbon (Péché Mortel aged in bourbon barrels), a Péché Mortel in cask (with additional added coffee in the cask) and our regular Péché Mortel.

Please note that all of these beers, except the regular Péché Mortel, will be served from 17: 00.

Info on the beer:

Cost: Free

[email protected]
514 490-9555


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