Burns Weekend IPA Festival


A two-day celebration of the world’s most interpreted, re-interpreted and mis-interpreted beer!

Come find out why IPA is not a beer style at all, but a symbol of advances in technology and distribution precipitated by customer demand.

Modern British IPA, Imperial IPA, Black IPA, California IPA, Wet-Hop IPA -- even an IPA brewed with tobacco-smoked malt and maple syrup -- from the cask, keg, bottle and can.

Free stovies for all, with a traditional music session following the Sunday session. Admissionis free, all beers available in third- and half-pints.

For the current beer list, see www.theanderson.co.uk/burnfest.htm or follow us onTwitter at @TheAndersonUK.

Cost: free, pay as you drink


Jim Anderson
[email protected]
01381 620 236


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