St. Lenny’s Belgian-style double rye IPA release event


Join us for the release of the 2014 St. Lenny’s Belgian-style double rye IPA, our annual “immaculate collaboration" with Cathedral Square Brewery in St. Louis. We’ve taken the same ingredients used to make our 10% ABV Bittersweet Lenny’s double RIPA and used Abbey and Trappist ale yeasts to give it a uniquely Belgian flavor, with notes of caramel and toffee. It’s obscenely delicious!

We’ll also be pouring 5.3% ABV David’s Slingshot, our hoppy summer rye lager, as a counterpoint to the intensity and depth of the St. Lenny’s, and our Hop Manna IPA, which rests comfortably in between the first two. All of them go great with the delicious pizza at True North, which includes the Hot Mess (white cream sauce, sausage, onions, bacon, jalapeños) and the Prison Break (tomato sauce, BBQ pork, onion, and mango salsa).

So come on down and git yer Belgian on!


True North Pizza


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