Drake’s Beer Talks, hosted by RateBeer (celebrity guest speaker Joel Tucker)


One thing on which craft brewers can universally agree is the necessity for education and discussion amongst brewers and beer drinkers for continued growth of the industry. This craft beer thing is about community, and the best way for that community to thrive is for us all to talk, get creative, know what makes quality beer, and enjoy great beer together while doing it.

To that end, we thought we’d offer you fine fans of ours a peek into the inner workings of our brewers’ minds (it’s okay; they aren’t that scary). In fact, our brewers have always been very informed beer people, with apartments filled with rich mahogany, excellent hair, and lots of very important things to say on subjects varying from agricultural economics (hops) to chemical properties (yeast) to history (ancient Sumeria to present day San Leandro) and quality control (drinkin’ beer). Get your weekly dose of learnin’ from them at the Anniversary during Drake’s Beer Talks, located in the Barrel House inside the old cold box starting at 6pm. Emceeing for the night will be our good friend and founder of that online beer geek mecca, RateBeer, Joe Tucker. Here’s the schedule:

6pm- Doors Open to the Beer Talks area. We will be tapping a special cask from Roger Lind "Francis in the Wood"- Sir Francis Stout with Oak Chips and Vanilla as well as serving the final bottles of Reunion Barleywine.

6:15pm- Welcome and Introductions with Joe Tucker.

6:30pm- Drake’s Founder Roger Lind on Drake’s Origins 1989-1998 with Q&A.

7pm- Former brewer and owner of Oakland’s The Good Hop Melissa Myers on From Brewer to Beer Bar Owner with Q&A.

7:30pm- Former brewer and co-founder of Henhouse Brewing Collin McDonnell on Beer Destiny! with Q&A.

8pm- Former and Current Brewer Q&A Panel covering topics including Expansion planning, Sensory evaluation, Barrel-aging, and more! Bring your questions.

Cost: free

510 562-0866


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