Shakeyfest Summer


An informal gathering of those who appreciate good beer, and a few of those who don’t (yet). Shakeyfest round one was a sort of housewarming party that turned into a pretty nice tasting, so we’re doing it again, but outside this time. I’ve already started gathering bottles for this go around, and of course I’ll break out a few goodies from the cellar. Bring what you like, and try not to Blue Moon me.

Cost: Good Beer


Andy Groomes
[email protected]


CanIHave4Beers 6/19/2009
HAHAHAHA at Shakeyfest part 1 the Natty Light ended up getting left on the table. Poor old natty light.
beeronmypants 6/19/2009
Is Natty Light considered a good beer? This is all I drink.

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