Beer Judging 101 / 201: Tasting and Evalution Seminars


Taste and describe beers with Grand Master beer judge David Teckam. Enhance your evaluative, perceptive, and descriptive abilities at two intensive seminars.

Beer Judging 101 - Introduction, 6:00pm:
Discover the world of competition beer judging. While tasting, identify and describe aroma, appearance, flavor, and mouthfeel of the beer, going over a few specific defects and their causes. Includes a brief introduction to the Beer Judge Certification Program.

Beer Judging 201, Advanced, 8:00pm:
For judges or experienced tasters. While tasting several beers, discuss attributes, descriptors, and defects. Explore the finer points of judging,and advancing within the BJCP. Work on a competition judging sheet as a group, then judge a beer individually. Pre-requisite: the 101 session, or a sound knowledge of beer styles.

See Beer by BART listing for easy walking directions:

A pre-conference event for the National Homebrewing Conference, open to the beer community. Event sponsored by Beer By BART, The Englander Pub, and the Mad Zymurgists (an East Bay homebrew club.)

Tickets in advance ONLY from the Mad Zymurgists:

Cost: $25 per session


Brian Cooper
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