A New Player in the Cider Market

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Originally posted by GT2
Is there a reason for strictly "English" cider? Iíve never done a cider tour of England, but after a cider tour of Normandy, I donít know why that wouldnít be your starting off point for wickedly good cider.

The Halls have always had an affinity towards England. For the longest time, they produced tons of bitters, brown ales and stouts. Their IPA is English style, Honkers Ale is a Bitter and so on. Over time they went more experimental but it just seems to me what the family likes. I will say, English ciders can be great. French cider is a more difficult process, also.

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I doubt much quality French cider is available on draft, or for $6 a pint. Hope he bottles up one eventually though. :)

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RedStreak and, at a minimum, the next two ciders, will be available only on tap--no bottles.

Drank some from a 750 this past weekend. A bit too green/herbal for my tastes, but decent.

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Red Streak will continue to be a draft only option, but later this fall/winter Lapinette (red wine barrel aged) and The Mitten (bourbon barrel aged) should see some limited bottling...