Bischoff Oktoberfest

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beers 3706 º places 102 º 05:32 Thu 10/4/2012

I was offered at a bar what the barman called an Oktoberfest beer by Bischoff, it was a cloudy unfiltered lager. I have not found any oktoberfest offering from bischoff so I thought it might be Christian Bischoff Kellerbier.
Any thoughts on the matter...

beers 11570 º places 371 º 16:54 Thu 10/4/2012

I’d say that is the one - that is the only beer that they brew (besides the Weizens) that would be cloudy. Nothing about an Oktoberfestbier on their website (anyway, very few Rheinland-Pfalz breweries even brew a Maerzen style).

beers 3706 º places 102 º 02:19 Sat 10/6/2012

Thanks, that is probably it.