Cat Urine Hops

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beers 1364 º places 65 º 14:50 Wed 6/1/2011

I just cracked a fresh can of Surly Bitter Brewer and the cat urine smell is over the top! I don’t mind it, so it isn’t a bad thing, but I always thought Simcoe hops added the most cat urine aroma. According to Surly’s website, they use Columbus and Glacier hops in Bitter Brewer.

Would either of those varieties add that kind of aroma? What other hop varieties add that cat urine aroma?

beers 573 º places 37 º 14:53 Wed 6/1/2011

I’ve personally never associated simcoe with cat urine. I think nelson sauvin can have that kind of aroma, specially if it’s a single hop.

beers 727 º places 167 º 15:29 Wed 6/1/2011

Simcoe and Citra definitely, Columbus a tiny bit... Citra are probably the hops which smell most like cat’s piss IMO.

beers 5073 º places 31 º 15:37 Wed 6/1/2011

Columbus can be all over the charts from Pine, to Citrus, to Garlic and onion, do ridiculous dank weed, to cat urine. Just depends on the lot/crop they are using.

beers 438 º places 119 º 15:48 Wed 6/1/2011

Originally posted by Gazza
Simcoe and Citra definitely, Columbus a tiny bit... Citra are probably the hops which smell most like cat’s piss IMO.

Agreed 100%, Nelson Sauvin as well.

beers 1004 º places 41 º 17:01 Wed 6/1/2011

Simcoe for sure. Pretty consistently this is the hop that exhibits it out of what is popular, and I for one love it in moderation.

Citra was big on it last year, this year, not so much. Amarillo in the past. Cluster has always had it and in a really bad way.

beers 13468 º places 3 º 17:17 Wed 6/1/2011

Hands down when it shows the smell...

cheers john

beers 11770 º places 22 º 17:49 Wed 6/1/2011

For cat urine, I vote Simcoe as well. I have come to really enjoy Columbus and Nelson Sauvin. Nugget, Centennial, and Citra are some of my besties.

beers 1060 º places 11 º 21:32 Wed 6/1/2011

My favorite. Can’t wait to try some of these...

I have never associated a hop with an aroma of cat urine though. As others have said, Simcoe gets that rap, Summit too.

beers 1364 º places 65 º 03:03 Thu 6/2/2011

I drank a few 4-packs of Bitter Brewer last year and don’t remember this aroma, either. I’m wondering if that aroma fades quickly or not, while some other hop aromas linger.

Either way, I love this beer.

beers 11069 º places 430 º 08:33 Thu 6/2/2011

I think I remember hearing Amarillo having that association?