Founders Double Trouble

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Ok so wtf is going on with this beer? Not only did the price go up the beer is not as good. Freshness is a major concern. This arrived in the Raleigh area last week yet it was packaged in the beginning of April. Founders and tryon distrobution is really dropping the ball. My how the mighty have fallen.
Breakfast stout was not as good
Kbs was laughable this year
Dbl trouble.....

Iím close to giving up on this brewery

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I Agree easy to get beers taste terrible

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Originally posted by Ernesto987
I Agree easy to get beers taste terrible

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Saying KBS was laughable this year, is..well....laughable.

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I donít know, the .rar did not help bolt cutter

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Originally posted by ICEatALAMO
Saying KBS was laughable this year, is..well....laughable.

This was the first year I tried it, thought it was totally enjoyable beer on all accounts... Barrel was well integrated without too much hottness, bitterness level was right on, that green pepper thing everyone complains about was left to a bare minimum. Gave it a 3.8 so I canít say I was head over heels in love with it, but it tasted pretty good to me.

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What I donít understand is why the dates on the founders beers in the store are so old. The centennial 7/2012. Thatís old yes?

I did try the breakfast stout and that was very good.

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Didnít get any Double Trouble...most stores locally only got a case and it sold out instantly. Iíve always dug it in the past but there are other options that are just as good/better that are far less hassle to get.

Only got 1 bottle of KBS (again store only got 1 case). Iíve always just got it to trade as Iíve never been a big fan and again not worth the hassle when stuff like BCS and even Black Note are easier to get and much better.

Thereís a ton of Breakfast Stout out this year and Iíve went through a few cases and donít see any drop off. Surprisingly most of the Founderís stuff has went up in price but this has dropped. Lots of places in the past few months have had it for $36 a case which is a steal. The bottling was from December but still was quite good.

Besides the Breakfast Stout Iíve bought very little Founderís over the past few years. I feel there are options locally that are better than their standard lineup and they send very little to the Metro Detroit market for their limited stuff. Seems like they are far more concerned with expanding to new markets and growing tons than hooking up the local markets that got them to where they are. Kind of a bummer since at one point not too long ago they were my favorite brewery. Now I donít think theyíd make it into my top 25.

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We had DT in Philly approximately 7 days after bottling date.

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We have a ton of it left at the store. Pretty sure bottled 3 weeks ago. Tastes like a hoppy burning tire like every year.

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The prices went up on most of their year round beers this year in part to help them drop the cost of breakfast stout. When it comes out this year we should be able to get a case of breakfast stout cans for around $50. Doesn't it make sense with founders expanding into new markets for them to reduce the cost of a flagship beer and use it to forge their road into said markets?

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