Hi folks. I picked up a bottle from the brewe

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beers 2434 º places 2 º 13:33 Mon 6/24/2013

Partizan Stout

Hi folks. I picked up a bottle from the brewery on Saturday. The only listed Partizan stouts are the Barrel Aged Stout FES the standard Stout FES which I initially thought this might be as the label is almost identical. On closer impression the label on my bottle doesn’t say ‘FES’ and the ABV is 7.4%, not 8.6% as listed on the Stout FES page. Apologies if this is a daft newbie question, but should a new listing go up? What’s standard practice in this situation? Thanks.

beers 2434 º places 2 º 13:35 Mon 6/24/2013

Apologies for the strange heading!! Not sure how that happened.

beers 3943 º places 15 º 14:35 Mon 6/24/2013

If it is just called partizan stout, then it will be a new beer I would guess. I’d enter it.