More identification help please.

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beers 13959 º places 963 º 01:55 Thu 10/27/2016

During my holiday I went to the ’Corfu meets Italy’ beer festival outside the Corfu Beer Brewery.

Four Italian breweries had a beer each on tap. I do not know if they were collaborations, one off brews or ’re-badged’ beers. I could not find anyone who understood my questions about the beers while at the festival, so, any help out there?

I am happy to add all four beers, but wanted to make sure they were not already listed on RateBeer, anyway here is what I know:

Birrificio Lambrate: 5% ABV, IBU 35. Beer Corfu Beer Festival Grodziskiessmokedweiss.

Birrificio Rurale:6.2% ABV, IBU 25. Beer Corfu Beer Festival Amber Ale.

Birra Del Borgo: 5% ABV, IBU 35. Beer Corfu Beer Festival Golden Ale.

No Tomorrow Craft Beer: 5% ABV, IBU 28. Beer Corfu Beer Festival Pale Ale.

The beer festival was fun and different, pleased I went: only 8 beers (4 Italian, 4 Corfu brews) but all worth trying.


beers 5621 º places 348 º 07:01 Thu 10/27/2016

I dont know if they exist again. If I remember correctly they said that these are new recipes brewed just for this festival. 1 keg of each at least came for an event at my city.. but I missed that event.

beers 13959 º places 963 º 04:10 Fri 10/28/2016

OK, I will not bother adding them onto the database if no one else will ever drink them. My notes are not very good on each beer anyway.

Thank you for your help rouhlas.