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petr, the brewmaster who showed us around on the urquell tour at rbesg08, asked me if there was any feedback on their experimental beers that we had in the tasting room. he came up with most of the recipes so heís curious how they were received. if anyone has any thoughts, iíll pass them on to him.

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I enjoyed all three. But definitly prefered the Stout, would be hapy to drink the stout regularly. Though theyd need to get it better for pouring

#It was a great tour.

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Can i rate the unfiltered Gambrinus under anything
even along side the filtered version

that we got at the brewery tour?


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As far I remember most people, including me, quite liked the Stout (Rye Stout I believe?). I also thought the Red Ale was decent.

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Red Ale (3.0)
Pretty ordinary red ale, on the malty side (almost as if it had been made at a typical lager brewery)

Stout (3.5)
Very rich range of aroma and flavours. Delicious from the initial sniff of licorice to the hard roasted aftertaste.

Rye Lager (2.3)
Filter please! Not only did it look like shit (albeit quite liquid), but I also felt it suffered from a bad yeasty flavour.

Gambrinus Kvasnicovy (3.2)
as opposed to 3.0 for the 10 on tap and 2.8 for the 12 bottled.

beers 3858 º places 41 º 15:52 Fri 7/11/2008

Red Ale
Earthy, pretty dry with minerals. Sligth caramelly with esters and grassy hoppiness. 3,4

Awfully cloudy with no darker malt sensations. 2,5

Rye Stout(?)
Tasty stout(?), that seems to be reminiscent of the Irish Style, yet a lot more flavourful. 3,7

beers 16438 º places 284 º 04:24 Wed 7/16/2008

Pilsner Urquell Chocolate Stout (?) (3.9)
I canít remember if this was the rye one or not ...
Opaque black, big creamy expresso head. Chocolaty, coffeish nose. Chocolaty, coffeish, roasted light stout (Irish). Nice coffeish aftertaste. Very tasty.

Pilsner Urquell Red Ale (3.1)
Clear amber color, creamy head. Minty hoppy aroma. Flavor is good malty with mint also in there. Oily palate, hops in the aftertaste. Sort of ok.

Pilsner Urquell Stout (2.9)
I suppose this is one with rye?
Murky brown color, big creamy head. Toasted, a bit barley-vegetably nose. Flavor is herbal and vegetably. Quite simple with low roastyness for a stout.

beers 22389 º places 280 º 06:11 Wed 7/16/2008

Originally posted by ChristianScheffel

Gambrinus Kvasnicovy (3.2)
as opposed to 3.0 for the 10 on tap and 2.8 for the 12 bottled.

Can this be rated under any entry?

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