Saison 45 celebrates China-Belgium diplomatic relations

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beers 1 º 22:31 Mon 8/14/2017

This beer was actually released last year, but figured I would post just to get some English web presence for it. I also managed to get a hold of a couple bottles, in case anyone wants to trade for it... :-p

From the limited English promotional materials:

Saison 45 is a limited edition craft beer created by Brasserie Scassenes in Ecaussines, Belgium for the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Belgium and China.

The wheat malt used provides a gently fragrant taste, whilst the carefully selected hops provide a refreshing, bitter edge. The different yeasts used provide a fruity aroma and the golden color of the beer is lightly opalescent.

Limited production of 2000 bottles, each individually numbered. The bottles with more prestigious numbers were gifted to leaders of the Chinese government:
Bottle #2016 was given to the President of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Mr. Yu Zhengsheng.
Bottle #88 was given to President Xi Jinping.
Bottle #66 was given to Premier Li Keqiang.

An Imgur gallery of the product promotional materials:

Media links [all in Chinese]

A small amount of bottles were made for sale to craft beer bars and retailers, mostly in Beijing and Shanghai. It’s extravagantly pricey however, at 600 RMB retail (about $90 USD) for a wood-boxed version with branded glasses. I managed to get just the bottles alone for 300 RMB each (about $45 USD). The beer is just a plain saison, but I figured maybe some people just can’t resist the rare tick...? ;-)

I have made an entry for the beer here:
(Photo has been submitted, awaiting admin approval.)

beers 7153 º places 117 º 16:25 Tue 8/15/2017

I’d rather just drink a saison made by a Chinese brewer (Boxing Cat, Jing A, BionicBrew, Liquid Laundry, Great Leap, Taps, FatFat, and Craft Head all make good ones), to be honest. They’re far better, far easier to find, and far cheaper. This is clearly just brewed for people with more money than brains.