Ste-Maxime help

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Iíve searched the web for information (via here of course but have found nothing of use, the area Iím hitting appears to be a beer desert.

The trip is for a wedding, but we intend to stay a few days either side and have a holiday at the same time.

If anyone has any insider information of a decent beer bar or shop Iíd really like to hear from them.


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BiŤres du Monde et díAilleurs at 126 imp Lavoisier ZA de líEstagnol- La Moutonne 83260 La Crau seems the closest place: anyone know better?


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These are all the breweries in the general area of Ste-Maxime:

Iíve never researched that area specifically, so canít help for stores though.

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Cheers for replying Martin: Ron has a link to that on his web-site (the one I mentioned in my original post).

I think itíll be a wine soaked trip: otherwise local and national supermarkets will most likely be my best bet, but I hoped there might have been a decent bar or specialist shop to visit.


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Provence - would definitely go and try wine as well, not going to be disappointed, beer wise a bit dry area depending where you are. The list above is of good use, might use that next time myself I guess.