The oldest beer in your cellar

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Hmmm I think 2005. Vintage 3 Font Oude Geuze and Cantillon St. Lamvinus

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2006 Lagunitas Gnarly Wine. 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011 North Coast Old Stock.

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I have a 1953 Guinness Coronation Ale (waiting for her to kick the bucket or abdicate to William) and a 1984 Westy 12 (will drink this in 2014) with the blue St Sixtus label.

20:17 Fri 7/6/2012

1963 3F gueuze

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I drank the oldest beer in my cellar

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Crombé’s Oud Kriekenbier from late 60’s. Stille Nacht 1987 is not bad either.

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2001 Harvey’s Imperial Stout

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Originally posted by TheBeerSommelier
Originally posted by Erlangernick

I’ve got two magnums (or whatever they are) of the first Doggie Claws from 2001. I figure they’re probably two of very, very few to be found on this continent.

I’ve got one.

Different continent though, according to your profile. But regardless, score!

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Originally posted by Cuso
Schneider Aventinus Vintage aged beer 2006

Does this one have legs? I’ve got a BB2013 (i.e. fresh), BB2011, and BB2009, and am wondering if I should just crack them all open now, or wait longer.

But to answer the question, I can only go as far back as
Eggenberger Urbock 23o 330ml BB 1996
No idea how many years they stick on those things, probably a couple.
I’m guessing it’s soy...

05:14 Sat 7/7/2012

99 Molson
1996 Harley Davidson can
87-88 J.W Lees