Twitter beer people?

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beers 725 º places 36 º 10:34 Mon 2/11/2013

Any of you ladies & gents on twitter?
Always on the look out for some more beer-oriented tweeters to follow...alongside wasting time scrolling through these forums, twitter has become my procrastination tool of choice. Post your twitter name below and I’ll hit you up (and we can all pretend we’re really popular cos we’ve got loads of followers).



(mine is @duellAC)

beers 2675 º places 111 º 10:38 Mon 2/11/2013


places 10 º 10:39 Mon 2/11/2013

I generally take a picture of whatever I’m drinking and throw it on twitter, more for me to remember what I had than anything. I do enjoy killing time on thr tweeter as well. I’m @DrunkSkunk81

beers 567 º places 11 º 10:43 Mon 2/11/2013

You can see me hating people and hating everything (and also throwing out random quotes that I see on the RB forums) over at @BeerCurmudgeon

beers 1731 º places 109 º 10:44 Mon 2/11/2013

Mine’s easy. @changeup45

beers 1486 º places 112 º 10:45 Mon 2/11/2013


Though I never really use it, was more of a social media experiment

beers 8555 º places 740 º 10:46 Mon 2/11/2013

@BroBeerChill is essential

beers 725 º places 36 º 10:47 Mon 2/11/2013

Man, we’re all going to look so popular after this. Can’t wait to ring my mother and let her know how many friends I have.

10:49 Mon 2/11/2013


beers 629 º places 22 º 10:51 Mon 2/11/2013


beers 3208 º places 116 º 10:55 Mon 2/11/2013