RateBeer Website Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Dear visitor,

Thank you for visiting our website. To ensure that you feel safe and happy while visiting our website, the following information gives you a comprehensive guide on what we do with your personal data. This data privacy policy is designed to inform you about how we collect, use and transfer your personal data.

2. Use of data

Information collected and the purposes for which it is collected

We collect personal information of our users in two ways:
  • through registration and information that we request that you enter on certain pages on the website; and / or
  • through cookies (for more information about cookies, please see below).
We may ask you for your name, age, street address, city, postcode, mobile telephone number, email address, comments, suggestions or other information relating to our website, our products or services, or the company:
  • use it within RateBeer, LLC (“RateBeer”, “we”, “our” or “us”);
  • or send you current mailings or other marketing information about RateBeer in which we think you would be interested through email / mail / SMS messaging (if you have given us permission to do so when you have registered with us.)
RateBeer and its agents will retain your personal information only as long as necessary for fulfilment of the purposes described above or as required by law.

You will be able to unsubscribe from receiving marketing information from us, by simply texting back “stop” or emailing back “unsubscribe” at any time to any text marketing message or by following the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the e-mail marketing we send to you. Alternatively, you may send us a request using the contact details at the bottom of this policy. Please note that if you opt not to receive promotional messages from us, we will still continue to send you information that relates to any account you may hold with us, or any business relationship you may have with us, such as a request you have made for or about our goods and services.

3. User Rights

As a user you have the right to request information on the data we store concerning you as well as the purpose of storage. In addition, you have a right to demand that incorrect data are being corrected and data which are inappropriate or no longer needed are being deleted. You also have the right to request from us to restrict the processing of your data as well as the right to data portability. If personal data is collected and processed for the legitimate purposes of the services provided by RateBeer you have the right to object, on grounds relating to your particular situation, at any time to processing of personal data. We will no longer process the personal data unless we demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing which override the interests, rights and freedoms of you or for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims. For information, requests and suggestions regarding data protection, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact details at the bottom of this policy.

4. Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data being placed on the hard drive of a visitor’s device. With the help of cookies you can store information for a certain period of time and identify the user’s device. For a better user guidance and an individual representation of performance, we use persistent cookies. We also use session cookies which are automatically deleted after a timeout period *or* if the browser is closed. You can set your browser to inform you of the potential downloading of cookies, thus ensuring that the usage of cookies is transparent.

Cookies used:

ratebeer.com domain

Session State - We use these so-called ”session state cookies” to help us improve our services, in order to improve our users' browsing experience. Blocking or deleting these cookies will not render the website unusable however blocking or deleting any of these three cookie types will produce unexpected results.
  • Legacy_Session - these are session state cookies used to keep the user’s experience consistent between visits.
  • Session and idtoken - for newer parts of the website.
  • Token - for the forums section of the website.

Cloudinary.com domain
Cookies with this domain are used by the site to track the distribution of beer and user images from the image hosting service the website uses. Blocking or deleting these cookies will not render the website unusable.

Google.com domain
Google stores user preference data in cookies as well as providing information to RateBeer for analytics purposes. Play.google.com related cookies track navigation to our listing in the mobile App Store. Blocking or deleting these cookies will not render the website unusable.  

Cloudflare is our DNS provider and cookies from this domain are used to track traffic when we have redirects at a subdomain level. Blocking or deleting these cookies will not render the website unusable.

RateBeer uses ads to generate revenue. Cookies with this domain are advertising related cookies. Blocking or deleting these cookies will not render the website unusable.

We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. This website can only display its content once you accept the site's cookies. Additionally, we use tracking technologies to analyze your use of this website, to deliver advertisements tailored to your interests by cooperating with ad networks, ad serving vendors and similar services. We may collect information about your online activity (e.g., the sites and pages you have visited) through tracking technologies such as cookies, tracking pixels and similar devices in order to deliver ads and online services that are relevant to you.

5. Website Tracking Technologies

Integrated into this website are the targeted advertising tools Google Adsense and DoubleClick for Publishers. These tools use cookies and similar technologies and enable us to analyze the visitor’s use of our website. For this purpose, the generated information in the cookie (including your IP-address) is sent to us and stored to enable us to optimize the use of our website and/or provide you with advertisements tailored to your interests. You may preclude the use of these tracking technologies by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser. Be aware that in this case it may occur, that you may not be able to use all the functions of this website.

You can also object to the use to of Google Adsense and DoubleClick for Publishers at any time by using our feedback form here.

We are processing your personal data for the legitimate purposes of optimizing our website and analyzing your use of the website. The personal data will be erased when they are no longer necessary for the original purpose for which they were collected.

6. Newsletter

On our website, you have the option of subscribing to our free newsletter. We use the double-opt-in procedure for subscription. Once you submit the subscription form to us, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Your subscription will be activated only after you have clicked on the link in the confirmation email. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. To do so, use the unsubscribe function on our websites or the unsubscribe link at the end of each email. Your email address will then be deleted immediately from the distribution system.

By subscribing to the newsletter, you agree to the following declarations of consent:

I agree to receive advertising from RateBeer in the form of newsletters.

We are processing your personal data in order to send you our newsletters. The personal data will be erased when they are no longer necessary for the original purpose.

7. Social Media Plug-ins

We place various social media buttons on our website in the form of a link. Following are the social media buttons used but not limited:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
Please be aware that by visiting a website which integrates social media plugins, certain data (your current IP address, visited sites, the date and time the website etc.) is forwarded to these social media services even if you are not registered with these services.

If you are already logged into the social media service when you click on the social media button, the social media service may also use this data to identify your user name and possibly even your real name. We have no control over the extent, nature and purpose of such data processing by the social media service. Please note that the social media service is perfectly capable of using this data to create pseudonymized and even individualized user profiles.

We leave it up to you on whether you want your personal data to be forwarded to social media services by using the so-called 2-Click-Method. The 2-Click Method refers to a technique of protecting consumers’ identity where a social media button appears on a website. The 2-Click system uses static links that require the social media buttons to be “activated” by a user before any data is transferred to the social media server. A button is activated with the first “click”. Once it has been activated, the social media service has access to all the above-mentioned information. The user will, with a second “click”, be able to interact with the website using his or her profile on the activated social media platform, e.g. by sharing or liking a post.

8. Security Measures

We adopt technical and organizational measures to protect your data as comprehensively as possible. In addition to the commitment of our employees to secrecy and a careful selection and monitoring of our service providers, we also secure our operating environment adequately.

To protect your data against unwanted access, we use data encryption. Data collected from this website will be passed between your computer and our server and vice versa via the internet using data encryption in transit technology by using 256-Bit TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. If the connection is encrypted the ‘lock’ symbol on your browser status list will show as locked, and the address line will start with “https://”. We will not use encryption if you exchange only generally available information with us. Data stored in our database is encrypted using data encryption in storage technology by using 256-Bit AES encryption.

9. Transfer to third parties

We may disclose your personal information to third parties such as our professional advisers, our external and internal service providers that provide services to us (such as distribution of newsletters, IT hosting and market research). We may disclose your personal information for the purposes set out above and only for specific purposes according to the relevant data protection laws. Those service providers are bound to process your personal data only on our strict instructions and when they can offer adequate technical and organizational measures to protect your data.

We may also disclose your personal information if it is required or authorized by law, where disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life, health or safety, or where we are otherwise permitted by the relevant data protection laws.

10. Special Note to International Users

This website is hosted in the United States. If you are attempting to access this website from a physical location within European Union, Asia, or any other region with laws or regulations governing personal data collection, use, and disclosure that differ from the United States laws, please be advised that your use of this website is governed by United States law, Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. To the extent you provide personal data through the website, you are transferring your data to the United States.

11. Contact Us

If you have questions, comments or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, please send us a detailed message to: [email protected]

We will make every effort to resolve your concerns.

You can also contact us in writing at:

RateBeer, LLC
c/o Corporation Sevice Company
2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400
Wilmington, Delaware 19808
United States of America

12. Complaints

If you are concerned that we have not complied with your legal rights or applicable data protection laws, you may bring a complaint internally through our complaints process or, if you live in the European Union, you may decide to make a formal complaint with the Data Protection Authorities of your country of residence.

We will deal with complaints as follows:

Step 1: Let us know

If you would like to make a complaint, you should let us know by contacting us using the contact data provided above.

Step 2: Investigation of complaint

Your complaint will be investigated.

A response to your complaint will be provided in writing within a reasonable period (one month in principle, but we may inform you should we need more time to process your request).

Step 3: Contact Data Protection Authority

We expect that our procedures will deal fairly and promptly with your complaint. However, if you remain dissatisfied, you may also contact the Data Protection Authority at your country of residence (only people residing within the EU).

Updated May 24, 2018