Ozaki Shuzo Reviews

Ozaki Andou Suigun Daiginjo Sake
Small 180 ml blue bottle. Clear with a light straw color, like a glass of Fume Blanc. Scent of anise and a moldy pile of hay, alcohol noticeable. A sweet front with mild melon and licorice flavors, the sweetness continues through the nutty middle. Finish also with mild sweetness with a warm follow. Nice feel, not sticky.
Saturday, November 4, 2006

Ozaki Andou Suigun Daiginjo Sake
180mL Bottle: Pours clear with a tinge of beige around the side but mostly clear, nice thick lacing. The nose is actually fairly heavy with alcohol but a nice koji, peach and floral sweetness and a dry dusty character. The flavor is more balanced with a good slap of umami on the palate along with the sweet fruits, dry koji mouthfeel and a zesty citrusy finish. A bit of medicinal jagerlike anise notes in the finish, but it’s all around very drinkable, subtle, complex and deserving of the Daiginjo title.Thanks to IslandHaole for this rare gem!
Friday, October 27, 2006