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I’ve always loved beer and breweriana, and started to collect beer cans in the 1980’s. That was my first beer collection... but unfortunately cans tend to take up too much room and I had to quit collecting them in order to keep being accepted at home :-( Much later, in 2011, I started a new collection: beer labels and caps. By then I had created my own beer database as well, including my personal beer ratings, and had signed up to, although it wasn’t until several years later,...
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Brouwerij Het Anker, MechelenCerveza  Caleya, LangreoCerveza Dougall's, LiérganesCervezas Arriaca, Yunquera de Henares (Guadalajara)De Struise Brouwers, OostvleterenKiuchi Brewery (Hitachino), NakaMikkeller, CopenhagenNaparbier, Noain