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Elder Millennial woman who loves well-made beer! I love Belgian strong dark ales the most, including quads. I also love weizenbocks/Eisbocks. As a typical American craft beer connoisseur, of course I also love the very best of impy stouts and IPAs (I much prefer the standard bitter IPAs more than those hazy things popular in the 2020s). For lighter styles, I love brown ales, schwarzbiers, Oktoberfests, Czech pilsners, and ESBs. Among breweries, I've always been impressed...
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Abbaye de Scourmont - Chimay, ChimayAbbaye Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy - Brasserie Rochefort, RochefortAbdij St. Sixtus - Westvleteren, WestvleterenBallast Point Brewing Company (Kings & Convicts), San DiegoDe Struise Brouwers, OostvleterenDeschutes Brewery, BendDogfish Head Brewery (Boston Beer Co.), MiltonFounders Brewing Company (Mahou San Miguel), Grand RapidsMother's Brewing Company, SpringfieldSierra Nevada Brewing Company, Chico