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I bust balls. If your don’t care for it, then you need to grab a few beers and a sense of humor.

I take pride in rating the beer places I go to. Please remember, that my place ratings are typically based on a single visit and may not represent the typical vibe of the joint

Beers I need to re-visit/re-rate: -Labatt Ice -Labatt Blue -Dos XX Lager -Guinness Draught -Bud Light -Killian’s -MGD -Miller Lite -Milwaukee’s Best -Dundee’s Honey Brown -Busch -Natu...
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Lake Placid Pub & Brewery, Lake PlacidRubicon Brewing Company, SacramentoThe Cambridge House, GranbyThomas Hooker Brewing Company, BloomfieldValley Brewing Company, Stockton