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My name is Adam. Same user name on untappd and talkbeer. Run Riot is my homebrewery. My beers can be found on untappd. Yes, I am the former "BeerKangaroo." Fortunate to be Vermont’s number 1 beer rater but with that often comes a price; so I keep Need To Breathe’s "Money & Fame" playing in my Ipod.

Favorite Style: Imperial Stout
Last seen Feb 28 2017
14th Star Brewing Company, Saint Albans1st Republic Brewing Company, Essex JunctionFoam Brewers, BurlingtonFrost Beer Works, HinesburgHooDoo Brewing Company, FairbanksKuhnhenn Brewing, WarrenLawson’s Finest Liquids, WarrenSimple Roots Brewing, BurlingtonSkagway Brewing Company, SkagwaySt. Elias Brewing Company, Soldotna